Update on my 30 Day Blog Challenge

Update on my 30 Day Blog Challenge

Update on my 30 day blog challenge - Part 1. Stuff I have learned and great peeps I have met along the way.

I have to say, CHALLENGES whether it is a fitness challenge or a blogging challenge or .... you name it, A CHALLENGE always makes you PICK UP YOUR GAME. Buckle down and raise the stakes and maybe, hopefully make you bring more to the table. You get motivated to improve in the area you are focused on.

Well, the same is true for me with this blogging challenge.

I first started out this challenge coming back from really taking it easy ALL SUMMER LONG with my blog site. Sorta spending lots of time with the kids and just posting here and there and not really sure HOW or WHERE my focus was going to go if/when I started to blog more regularly again.

So a little lost about blogging. I've been trying to figure this stuff out for about a year and a half now, I know I have the knowledge and expertise but I am still struggling with HOW TO MAKE IT A BUSINESS through blogging. How to grow my Next Level Club group and eBooks and get the speaking happening more often  ...

I stepped out for this challenge knowing first I would learn a few things about blogging. Second I would learn a bit about me and about hopefully where I want to go with this blog and my future in health and fitness. How I can help folks 'get and live healthy and fit, inside and out' all day, everyday via blogging, Next Level Club, eBooks and Speaking.

I was a little stressed as I just did not know if I could blog 5 days a week, that was my goal, or 20 posts for the month and if I would be able to find stuff to blog about but what I discovered is if you just take it one day at a time, it can be done. No hyperventilating about tomorrow or next week and just stressing out and yeah, sorta, just like EXACTLY what I teach folks when it comes to their fitness. lol Day by day and just breathe 🙂

But jump in I did and posted my blogs and met other bloggers and here is some stuff I learned and some great bloggers who helped me learn it along the way.

Let's start with the lady who put this all together, Beth Hewitt Simply Blogging Network whose fan page I had just stumbled across and LIKED. Beth's page is all about blogging and simplifying the blogging which, well, this is something I need and can use.

What I relearned from Beth is that Challenges really are good and how she has set this one up with prizes at the end for those that participated the most and weblogs every week teaching more of the basics and having everyone read and comment on each others blogs well..... I LOVE the simplicity of it and how great it works. Bravo Beth Hewitt I have enjoyed learning and participating in your 30 Day Blog Challenge. You have inspired and motivated me.

So you know I am thinking I just might have to use something similar with my Member's ONLY Next Level Club hmmmm yep I will be making changes again. Def will keep you posted. Registration reopens for my next group of participants Sept 30th so mark your calenders.

First blogger I want to introduce you to is fellow health blogger PrincessShamari. She focuses her blog posts on a lot of what is in our foods and drinks and I have to say I really enjoyed reading and learning from her blogs. Lots of details and great information. site states 'A Healthy Lifestyle' and 'Network Marketing Success'. Be sure to check out her site if these topics are of interest for you.

Next blogger that I learned A TON from,  Garen Arnold and his site Deaddogdesign which is SEO and design. Now this SEO or Search Engine Optimization is really important and even though it tends to make me want to go to sleep while reading and/or hearing about it I KNOW I must learn and apply some of this stuff Garen has blogged about. He will teach you to 'Dominate Google. Make More Money' Check his fan page or site if this is an area you need help in.

Dawn Branley has a very interesting blog site called thecyberpsyche where she blogs about 'uncovering the psychological underpinnings of social media'. I enjoyed reading quite a few of her posts. ALL interesting and some a little scary. Give her site a look-see and learn a few things about some of the side effects of social media.

Helen Willsher is another great blogger that I enjoyed reading ALL of her posts. Helen's site is all about 'Action for Success' and most of her blogs are geared to help folks get moving and doing. She starts almost every blog post with an uplifting and motivating quote which I LOVE. If you need this kind of motivation and information be sure to visit her site.

So because I am a wordpress blogger it is sorta important to know how to use my blog and build it right? Yep and this next blogger, well this is what she does and what she blogs about. Really enjoy reading and learning from Lorraine McNulty. Her site buildablog is awesome. If you are looking to get started or need help with your blog or website then check Lorraine out. Lorraine's site is about 'Giving YOU the tools to build YOUR successful online business'. Be sure to check her site out.

Every time I read one of Dr. Linette Montae blogs I learn or relearn something that I should be doing or should be focusing on while building my business. Excellent resource via her blogsite to help you 'Leverage Your Platform/Master Your Process/Ignite Your Profits'. Always worth the visit and if you need this kind of information and are trying to become successful in your business give her site a look-see.

Last blogger I want to look at for today's post is another great blogger, Rachel Lavern, whose posts I can always relate too and apply as I am a work at home mom. Rachel's site is workfromyourhome 101. What a great name and it pretty much says what she blogs about. Her slogan is 'Where Smart Glam-Mothers Learn How to Retire Financially Free'. Great site and great blogger so be sure to check out her site if this is an area you are looking for information on.

This is the first of 2 blog posts as I have met even more great bloggers that I will be sharing with you all Thursday when I post again for this blog site.

Almost all if not all of these bloggers have FREE eBooks or downloads that are LOADED with tips and information to help make your life and your business a little easier so be sure to sign up and get this NOW while it is available to you.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoyed today's post 'update on my 30 day blog challenge' and please, let me know which one of the above blogger's sites you checked out and what you liked best about their site.

PLEASE LIKE below if you like this post so your friends can see it too or PINTEREST, GOOGLE+ or TWEET – however you roll.

Thanks for stopping by and supporting this blog site.

God Bless YOU,


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  1. Hi Evey! I’m so excited for you! I, too, am researching ebooks and storefronts. Maybe we can have a virtual meeting of the minds if you enjoy processing ideas out loud like I do. Blessings to you,
    Christa Amari

  2. Great article, Evey
    totally agree with you 🙂

  3. I didn’t think I would be able to post everyday either and my blog was just starting, but I was able to blog everyday and it helped my creative juices to flow. Good for you and I hope you keep it up!
    Michelle recently posted…Tuesday’s TipMy Profile

  4. I agree with all the fabulous people we are being introduced to with this challenge, Evey! I was coming to it after a bit of a hiatus, too, and found the pressure of having lots of other people read your work kept me focused and organized. I’d recommend a challenge in a heartbeat!
    Agnes Knowles recently posted…What Do You Want To Achieve By Being Successful?My Profile

  5. You’ve done SO well and your blog is most deffo on my blogroll to continue reading after the challenge x
    RACHAEL recently posted…It’s not just the poor who should eat stale bread…we all should – ways to use leftovers…My Profile

  6. What a great summary!
    I can’t believe the challenge is nearly over – it has gone by so quickly.
    I’ve met a lot of great bloggers too – yourself included.
    And thanks for the mention I appreciate it – and just because the challenge is over doesn’t mean I am not going to stop by 🙂

  7. Hi Evey,
    Thanks for the shout out. I am happy that I was able to provide some value from my posts for you. I can see that you are a dedicated health professional, and that you take your blogging seriously. All the best to you in the future and I am sure that we will stay in touch as, we are both in for the long haul.
    Princess Shimari recently posted…HEALTHY NUTRITIOUS SEEDS can contribute to your HEALTHY LIFESTYLEMy Profile

  8. This has been a fun ride Evey. I love that I’ve met some new people and learned so much about them. I agree that Linette always had some wonderful information on her blog. And I’ve loved your health posts, especially the recipes.
    Keri Kight recently posted…Have you lost your voice?My Profile

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