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Why Weight Train?

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So often when starting clients on their road to 'getting and living healthy and fit', particularly the women, they would ask, "Why weight train?" and WHY Weight Training FOR LIFE, so in this blog I am going to share THE WHY of weight training and how it can and WILL transform your health and fitness. So I don't know if it is because we, collectively as a group, just DO NOT SEE HOW it can benefit us or we are afraid of looking like she-men or we just NEVER learned HOW our bodies actually operate, but for some reason(s) folks just FIGHT this step. I would say after fighting the healthy eating, weight training is next on the list. Cardioíng and cardioíng excessively is never as much a problem for folks like the eating healthy and weight training tend to be and usually are. Now WHY is that?


Maybe the first thing you might want to do is figure out WHY YOU FIGHT this step. Is it because you don't know anything about it? Is it because you don't understand the VALUE of doing it and how it will IMPACT all areas of your life? Or are you just too scared to move out of your comfort zone? Ask yourself WHY! You know this whole TRANSFORMING, growing or changing lifestyles thing is really ALL about discovering WHO YOU ARE. Yep WHO you are and WHAT you want your life to be about. Until you discover who you are by questioning some of the stuff YOU DO, you won't know what YOU WANT TO DO with your life. Life is NOT about just doing because. Just doing because Mom did it. Doing it because Dad did it. Or big brother/sister did it. Or your friends did it or are doing it. WHAT do YOU want for YOUR life? Can you answer that question?


Incredibly lol this does fit in with weight training. Because you won't step out of your comfort zone and into the weight room until you THINK you have a GOOD reason to do it. And that reason won't be just from reading this blog. You have to do some THINKING too. Some reasoning that might go something like this, "now I have been trying to change my health and fitness for 5, 10 or 20 years and I have been doing it 'this way'. It still is not working. Maybe I should try something else that I have NEVER tried before."

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I know you have seen or maybe you are that person who goes to the gym religiously, like 4-5 times a week and repeatedly goes to an aerobics class or gets on the elliptical or treadmill and are very CONSISTENT but, but NOTHING has ever changed. Once in a while you really cut your calories down to next to nothing and cardio a little more and get thin and then you EAT AGAIN regularly, for you, and you chunk back up again and just continue on with going to your classes or getting on the treadmill and you just CAN NOT UNDERSTAND why you just can not be healthy and fit. You just seem to always be a little/lot chucky and don't know why. Maybe it is MAGIC those fit men and women do. Maybe it is genetic and only THE CHOSEN few can accomplish that thanks to mom and dad. Regular folks just DON'T look like that and live like that and so, so do you want to be regular? Again this goes back to who you are and what you want to do with your life.


Personally for me, I do NOT want health problems and have to rely on our health care system unless absolutely necessary. I do NOT want to stop living at 27 yrs old and just go through the motions for the rest of my life till they put me in a casket. I do NOT want to have problems moving my body, all day, everyday. I do NOT want to lose my eyesight or my leg(s) because I refuse to stop eating sugar. I want to FEEL ALIVE. I want to take chances. I want to be afraid. I want to learn new things. I want to move my body with ease. I want that feeling I get after doing something hard. I want that feeling I get after a great workout. Like I can do anything because you know what? Yes, you and I, we can do anything. We can do anything we set out minds to doing. It might require LEARNING new things. It might require being scared. It might require hard work. It will require doing stuff when you DON'T feel like it but the rewards? The rewards, in my opinion, are well worth it.

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So HOW do we get started? Start by learning about what happens with your body when  you put muscle on it. Now yes, you do already have some muscle. Some have more than others, like most men have more than most women even if they do not weight train. That is just how God made us. But we do already have some. Well we want more because, and this is a short list. There are even more reasons.


  1. helps lose fat by increasing your metabolism
  2. improves function of immune system
  3. improves posture
  4. stronger back so less back problems
  5. stronger bones
  6. stronger joints so helps bad knees, bad shoulders - all joints (of course if weight training correctly)
  7. gives you functional strength for everyday movements
  8. helps you get smaller and still eat
  9. makes you feel stronger
  10. makes you feel better, good mood

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Just for reason number 1 most folks should weight train. It will speed up your weight loss efforts and requires a LOT LESS TIME than all that cardio some folks insist on doing without ever getting the results they claim to want from it. Click here for even more info on benefits of strength training.


Make sure to check out some of my other blogs like Benefits of Weight Training. More info to get you moving towards the weights. And the What About The Weight Training vlog and blog. Yes I get pretty worked up in the vid as I firmly believe EVERYONE should do some resistance training no matter your age, gender, current physical condition or your health situation. Yes get help. Yes get guidance so you DO NOT hurt yourself or if you need monitoring due to health situations but DO IT. I also have vlogs on weight training in your home. Yes that is another plus to weight training. You can do it at home in your living room, your garage or heck even your backyard. Doesn't matter where, just do it.


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