Yes blogging health and fitness!

Yes blogging health and fitness!

This blog site is ... Yes blogging health and fitness! I have received messages, emails and even a comment on yesterday's blog post about my future with this blogging stuff. So today I am writing this post to clear up any questions you may have about what I am doing here and looking to do with this site and my future in health and fitness.

If you are a regular reader then maybe you already know I was not always into health and fitness. For a long time, 30 yrs, I believed that the way to be or get small, not healthy and fit, but small was to eat once a day. So to eat a minimum of calories and basically starved. WHY did I do that? Because that is what I saw growing up by most females in my life. And small was what everyone always wanted, then and now.

Incredibly and even with a Bachelor's Degree behind me I still never really connected WHAT I ATE and how much/little I ate with my overall HEALTH. WOW yep, like where was my head and what the heck was I thinking about anyway? I was a smoker too and really thought I was invincible and that I wouldn't get cancer or sick and yep the smoking helped me not eat too much.

So at 30 years old and meeting someone who I actually listened too I learned. Yes I learned that it really does matter WHAT I eat, when I eat and how much I eat. I also started to learn WHAT is Healthy Eating and about exercise and so on. I also had a spiritual awakening at the same time and contrary to what many folks believe, I think they go hand in hand.


Living healthy is NOT JUST ABOUT eating healthy foods and moving your body. I believe living healthy is about ALL areas of a person's life. That would mean the physical, mental, spiritual and the emotional as well.


Now it does seem as if most of the focus is on the physical with HOW we look, HOW MUCH we weigh or what size we wear I would say:


HOW WE THINK about WHO we are in Christ, who we are in relation to those around us, who we think we are and our overall purpose and how we are going to fulfill that purpose is much more important. I also believe those beliefs show up on our person in our shape, weight and overall health.


Like if I am a follower of Jesus Christ ( I AM) and yet I am overweight and feel sluggish and unhealthy and weak am I really serving my purpose to the best of my ability? And what am I thinking as I am living that life feeling like crap? Now listen, when I talk this and say this stuff I am talking from my personal experience. You may have another personal experience but in my life and folks lives that I have coached over the years it is a common understanding that how you fuel your body with food and activity has a direct correlation to how you feel health wise and maybe about yourself as well.

I can say with certainty that when I was overweight just a year and 1/2 ago and still a VERY strong follower of Jesus Christ I felt horrible. Physically not well. I felt old and tired and used up. The foods I ate and the wine I drank did not help my physical or mental well-being. When I eventually pulled myself out of that temporary hole it was through a daily focus on my spiritual (bible reading and Joyce Meyers), physical (exercise) and mental (positive and biblical thought) state of being. Yes everyday I had to make a conscious choice to do better today than I did yesterday in ALL areas of my life.  Not just the spiritual. Not just the physical. Not just my mental state and my confidence and who I thought God wanted me to be and how I was going to get there.




Over the years, 16 years to be exact, I have learned that our habits control much of what we do and say and believe. Our habits in our thoughts and our daily habits in our lives and our reasons we have concluded for doing what we do is really, really tough to overcome. There has to be a BIG WANT and maybe even a BIG NEED to make the changes necessary to become a balanced healthy person.

SO now listen, you can be overweight and if you are fine with that then good for you but I was not fine with just getting by and being uncomfortable in my skin. Feeling sluggish and tired and OLD before my time. If it makes YOU uncomfortable that I focus on my health I don't know what to tell you because as long as there is fight left in me I will fight to FEEL ALIVE. I will fight TO FEEL GOOD. I will fight TO HAVE ENERGY. I will fight not to just exist and go through the motions of life. And having just existed and felt like crap doing it and LIVING and feeling great doing it and KNOWING the difference then I will stay a health and fitness addict any day. Yes I was told last week for the very first time that I was an ADDICT! Lol

And that is what this blog site is about. The journey of 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'. I want to help folks that want to feel alive again. Folks that want energy again. Folks that want to find their purpose in Jesus Christ again. Folks that want to live and not be beaten before they start.

Health and fitness itself is NOT THAT COMPLICATED. But when you add folks opinions and reasoning and how dare you be different or how dare you make me feel bad for not living as healthy as you and on and on... Then add in the spiritual and your purpose for being alive and how is the best way to live that life??? Add in all the CRAP food everywhere you go and the fact that close to 70% of our adult population is overweight or obese and all that tells me is I am the odd man out now. Anyone healthy and fit is now the odd man out and it is only getting worse. Yes peeps want you to be like them and if you are not being like them?

I want this blog site to be encouraging, inspiring and informative on getting healthy and fit, spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally for ALL of us. It does NOT happen overnight and is a process that just might be a lifelong process. I'm thinking it is for me. I mean hey, I am an addict right? lol

I am committed to this blog site for 3 1/2 more years. I set out with a committment of 5 years to make it GO and it is going. I currently have a group of ladies (17 of us, 16 plus Lynn) in my Member's ONLY Next Level Club who are doing Weekly Action Steps to help them get healthier and fitter inside and out and make this a lifestyle change, NOT just a challenge or 12 week whatever thingy that ends. They are doing awesome and as of July 1st the group opens up for NEW Members so if you are interested in moving forward in this area please sign up. We would love to have you. I want this group to grow and become stronger and fitter in ALL areas of our lives. We have great accountability and are developing awesome relationships with others who are interested in living their lives as healthy as they can.

Also I have written an eBook "The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit"  and yes this book is what I wish I had earlier on my journey of getting healthy and fit. Would. have saved me years of reading magazines and other diet and exercise books and lots of trial and error. I boiled ALL this health and fitness stuff down to the very basics in this eBook and if you just followed it you would, physically, get healthier and fitter. Just because it really is not that complicated but you must actually DO STUFF TO MAKE IT HAPPEN.


“The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit”

healthy copy Southwestern Chicken in Foil


Yes I see myself continuing to grow and change and become and I plan on sharing it all here. You can join me and we can grow together. I mean, what is the alternative? To go back to just existing? To go back to feeling like crap with no energy and no vitality and no direction? In moving forward, even if you are ONLY moving forward in your eating, changes will occur. Positive changes that will probably effect you moving more next week (exercise). Which will maybe cause you to start feeling confident and strong and HEALTHY which just might invite you to stretch and try a new career or new church or change your thinking in another way.

You see you can't just boil this health and fitness stuff down to eating healthy and moving your body with exercise as there is SOOOOOO MUCH more that goes with it than just that. That is just the first changes..... Who know who you will become on this journey. Look forward to working with you and watching you GROW!

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God Bless YOU,


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