Fat shaming and Fit shaming

Fat shaming and Fit shaming

Fat shaming and Fit shaming!


So I am reading an article this weekend from a local magazine called Healthy Living  Lake Mary addition and it was all about Fat Shaming and as you can imaging, seeing as I am into fitness and all the ins and outs of living fit, I got thinking about Fit Shaming.

Maybe nowadays even more Fit Shaming then Overweight shaming going on and maybe because 2/3 of our adult population here in the US in either overweight or obese.

Listen, fat chastising is NOT GOOD and really, any kind of humiliating or trying to push your thoughts and beliefs down a peeps throat should be a BIG NO - NO no matter the subject matter.

What ever happened to encouraging others and allowing others to be who and what they want to be without the social stigma of HAVING TO BELONG (as in being like everyone else in thought and lifestyle) and having to toe the line or else we will bully you till you comply with the rest of us kinda thing.

All I am saying with this blog post today is that you should really think about maybe how this chastising is starting to head towards the fit peeps now. And it should be unacceptable to humiliate or shame folks whether fit or fat.

Maybe it should be about living healthy? And your version of what healthy living looks like.

For years and years it was all about embarrassing overweight peeps and the consequences folks faced from this type of bullying. Making folks feel bad about their weight and those folks sometimes having daily consequences via work, pay and socially because of their overweight condition.

Well now it is heading in the other direction and the fit folks are starting to have to answer for their healthy living choices.

Like how dare you look and feel better than me and make me feel bad for my poor food choices. lol

I am NOT kidding here.

Maria Kang, an inspirational and influential personality in the fitness and blogging world was recently verbally attached on her fitness page for suggesting folks just might have influence on their own health and fitness levels.

Like really? I mean she was toasted in comments and even had her page taken down by Facebook for 3 days just because of this photo below.

Maria Kang

I personally stopped by her site after the fact and after it came back online so I could read what some folks comments were and I will tell you there was a whole lotta hate going on.

Many folks seem to think HOW DARE SHE have 3 kids and flaunt that fit and healthy body and then ask us why we aren't doing it too.

She ended up going on talk shows and even has written an article for Time online called "Fit Woman are Real Women too". Be sure to check it out as she goes into much more detail about what happened with her and her thoughts and opinions on that whole fiasco.

My question to you is, do you think more fit chastising is going on now?

Maybe even more than fat shaming? And if so, why?

What is going on with all this INTOLARENCE? All this hatin'?

Am I onto something here or do you think I am wrong and Fit Shaming is NOT HAPPENING, just the Overweight Shaming still?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic of Fat Shaming and Fit Shaming and if you have been a victim of either.

Your Coach,


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  1. I don’t think anyone has the right to judge or be negative about someone else. Only loved ones get the right to tackle such issues as to whether someone’s too fat or too thin and hopefully they’ll do it in a constructive way. This negative culture is getting out of control. Be nice to others, treat them as you’d want to be treated is my motto.
    Social networking can be a great force for good but also horrendous if you’re on the wrong side of such negativity.
    It is bullying…you are right! In my day bullies were generally just in the playground but now they have a huge platform to be critical and horrible or jealous (as they are to anyone who is successful)
    Good people need to be nice to others and I try to do that even if they are not nice or rude. (seems to rile ’em up even more 🙂
    Very thought provoking article!
    Tracy Morris recently posted…Five Weight Loss TipsMy Profile

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