Focus on changing one habit this week

Focus on changing one habit this week

everything is hard until it is easy!

Focus on changing one habit this week!

So often when folks try to get healthy and fit they jump into challenges or programs that ask them to change their whole life. Most especially when you are going from eating crap and not moving to eating healthy and moving regularly.

Let's say you are someone who doesn't exercise and you tend to eat when you are hungry and then eat what is available for you to eat.

Then say a challenge or program or trainer comes along and says, "hey you gotta eat healthy and exercise (weight train and cardio)."

But you have NEVER weight trained and only sometimes cardio and who the heck knows what healthy eating is anyway.

Well then, you will be changing literally, your whole life. When I say whole life I mean the minute by minute and hour by hour existence that comprises your current lifestyle.

That is a LOT of change.

In fact, that is so much change that what usually happens is you change it all and do LIVE IT for a time period but slowly and surely the OLD HABITS or your previous lifestyle starts to creep back in. Those old habits have NOT been addressed and you start to fumble and FAIL, at least in your own mind, and you start thinking, THIS IS TOO HARD or I CAN'T do this and ..... you know what you're saying to yourself.

This is a recipe for FAILURE.

This is yet another diet or short-term TRY to lose weight.

Haven't you done that enough already?

Isn't it time to TRY SOMETHING NEW?

This week focus on changing just ONE THING. One daily habit from unhealthy to healthy.

Like say you never exercise or do no know anything about weight training. Maybe this week start out walking and reading some about weight training. If feeling really motivated take a class on weight training or look up some videos and start implementing those changes into your DAILY life.

Set a goal for the week to exercise 4 days and FOLLOW THROUGH on it. Will this show up on the scale? Will you lose the so important (NOT) weight on the scale? Maybe or maybe not and that doesn't really matter. Scale weight IS NOT AN INDICATION of whether you are GETTING HEALTHY AND FIT. Again, it is just ONE MEASURING TOOL that in my opinion is way too overused and way to much of a focus for most people. Very inaccurate measuring tool that controls too many folks time and attention.

Or if you want to address healthy eating then change just ONE THING this week that will do that. For example, maybe you NEVER EAT breakfast and you know it is healthy to eat breakfast then make a goal to eat breakfast 6 days this week. Of course, I am saying a healthy breakfast not a McDee's breakfast lol right?

Don't know much about healthy eating then start to read and find out what constitutes healthy eating.

You know you did not get unhealthy and unfit overnight. No it took a long time to develop those habits and it will take just as long to replace those old habits with healthy NEW HABITS.

In the process of replacing those old unhealthy habits you are going to have to LEARN SOME NEW THINGS.

So get to it and start today. You can do this. Many before you have and are doing it now. If you are thinking but this is going to TAKE SO LONG the answer is yes it is. It is a process NOT a get healthy and fit quick plan. All those quick fixes are temporary and DO NOT LAST and in some cases really mess with your health. So take the slow and steady pace and learn as you go and plan on LIVING HEALTHY AND FIT for the rest of your LIFE. See if you look at it that way, you have the rest of your life to get healthy and fit, one day, one decision and every week changing out those unhealthy habits for healthy habits and building upon that.

Now that is doable and trackable and will result in success now and in the future.

If you are looking for an accountability group that can help you along the way then be sure to check out my Member's ONLY Next Level Club. I give out weekly Action Steps to help beginners like you start to make those healthy lifestyle choices and make progress to 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'.

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