How to lose weight for good

How to lose weight for good


How to lose weight for good

Do you ever wonder how folks go from overweight to healthy and fit and stay there?

Do you sometimes think it is IMPOSSIBLE for YOU to drop body fat and get fit?

You might have tried every DIET in the book and yet you might still struggle with losing the body fat and being healthy.

Gotta say right here that there are many roads to getting healthy and fit.

The road I am going to suggest here today with this blog post is just one of those roads to getting and living healthy and fit that I have used personally and have helped others apply to their lives with success.

And really it is quite simple.

It is taking SMALL STEPS daily that help you make the big changes over time and in the process change your daily living habits.

So, for example, this HOW TO LOSE WEIGHT dilemma that 68% of our adult population faces today can be addressed just by starting to change just one thing today. Like maybe instead of watching TV right after dinner you instead, go for a walk.

Now incorporate that healthy habit by doing it today and then continue to do it 5-6 times a week till it becomes your new daily habit. Who knows, you might start running or swimming instead down the road. Do a 5k or a triathlon. Gotta believe to achieve!

Or maybe you eat out every day for lunch but you know those foods are not the healthiest choices for you so you DECIDE tomorrow you will prepare and bring your own lunch of healthier food choices.

THEN YOU START DOING THAT DAILY and over time that will become your NEW healthy habit.

OR maybe you only drink soda but you have read tons and tons on that topic and realize water would be a better option for you to help you lose weight.

So you make a choice to switch out a soda for water once a day and then do that for a while. Maybe next week you switch out 2 sodas for water and so on till you are maybe drinking only 1 or 2 sodas all week and daily drinking water.

Sometimes SMALL steps are the way to go.

Small steps are not FAST. They will not give you results overnight.

Small steps will help you set up a healthy lifestyle that will help you lose weight and get healthy and fit and continue to LIVE healthy and fit because you now have the daily healthy habits so sustain that weight loss.

You see, getting and living healthy and fit is NOT a get fit quick scheme but  PLANNED and executed daily living choices that lead you to your health and fitness goals and KEEP YOUR THERE AFTER YOU ARRIVE.

To recap how to lose weight for good:

  • Start small with little daily healthy changes.
  • Keep continuing to do almost daily and increase if you can.
  • Do NOT expect overnight results.
  • DO EXPECT to learn daily living habits that will get you to your goal weight and keep you there.
  • EXPECT to achieve your health and fitness goals.

So often when we set out learning how to lose weight for good we get lost, confused or discouraged and it really can be a long, slow daily choices process that helps you enjoy the journey of discovering who you are, what you like and in the process becoming a different, healthier, stronger and more aware person. What do YOU think about this strategy to getting healthy and fit? Do you think it would work for you?

Your Coach,



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