It starts with a decision

It starts with a decision



It starts with a decision!

One of the most popular questions asked is "HOW DO I GET HEALTHY AND FIT?"

The second most important question is "What exactly do I have to do to accomplish this?"

So often folks want to just have to buy this gizmo or that gizmo and put forth very little effort and say well, "I am trying to get healthy and fit but it just isn't working for ME!"

The very little effort is the key to lack of success and what I have found is not much conviction in the decision to lose weight and get healthy and fit too.

When I say conviction I mean a real, I'M GOING TO DO THIS NO MATTER WHAT kinda thinking.

When was the last time you worked for something with the mindset that you are going to complete and finish that project or situation NO MATTER WHAT?

No matter how uncomfortable it makes you?
No matter how much time it takes?
No matter how it changes the minutes in your day?
No matter how it changes YOU?
No matter how it affects your relationships?
No matter how MUCH it makes you want to quit?
No matter how it challenges you inside and out?
No matter how it causes you to address things about yourself you would rather not address?
No matter how it makes your friends and family upset that you are trying so hard?
No matter what the outcome you just HAVE TO FULFILL that decision or that commitment because that is WHO YOU ARE.

Is there a time in your past when you were that committed to something or someone?

If you said yes, then congrats as you are probably one of the few Americans who have that kind of discipline and commitment to a cause inside you. And if you have done it once I will tell you, you can do it again.

Just make that DECISION and FOLLOW THROUGH. Address all your obstacles and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.

You will succeed.

If you have NEVER put so much of yourself into anything before that is OK. All is not lost but you will have to LEARN how to commit and overcome ALL OBSTACLES on your path to getting healthy and fit.

Probably you biggest obstacle will be yourself and your thinking and you're wanting to QUIT.

If you persevere and DO NOT QUIT while continuing to LEARN about your body and healthy YOU WILL GET HEALTHY AND FIT TOO.

Today, make that decision and in my next blog I will be talking about Discipline and how to OVERCOME the many obstacle, including yourself, that you are sure to face.

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