Living Healthy! Can You Do It?

Living Healthy! Can You Do It?

Living healthy! Can you do it?

Just a few weeks ago I was jogging with a friend of mine who has been struggling with living healthy (changing daily unhealthy habits into daily healthy habits) for several years now and, of course, I was jabbering away about changing your foods and changing your schedule and CHANGING stuff to set yourself up to achieve your goals and she asks me, "Do you think people can change?"

LOL well yes, yes I do believe folks can change but, but, but .... Hey, if I didn't think folks could change then why do I continue to go on and on and on about this healthy living and eating healthy and exercise and, and what it all is, and ... BUT

 "Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything." - George Bernard Shaw

I will tell you my answer was a quick YES.

Yes, I do think folks can change, however, it is not easy. And I will tell you the reason I think folks can change is because I am a great example of someone who lived totally different in all areas: physically, mentally and spiritually and have successfully changed and hopefully I am continuing to change for the better every day and in every way.

So in thinking about this blog today a few thoughts on this came to mind that I wanted to share with you, my readers.

I have come to the realization that even though I have changed over the years, change is a continual process. Like just like we are always getting healthier and fitter or getting unhealthier and un-fitter(?), we are NEVER staying the same in anything. We think we are staying the same but that is just NOT SO.

Nothing is static.

And while talking to my friend and talking about how I think folks can change we also talked about what prevents most folks from 'getting there' or beginning the process of changing for and to something or against and away from something.

Like in thinking back to my 20's I will tell you I was a different person from who I am today in many ways not just how I eat and now exercise.

The biggest differences between who I was and who I am now is in how I think.  Incredibly in my 20's I couldn't stand Christians or really any religious group, didn't want anyone even talking to me about spirituality and def not about GOD or JESUS.

Thought I knew all about religions or at least a lot and what I knew I did not like. Was a smoker, was a drinker, didn't want kids, didn't want a husband, thought a lot of things that in looking back and being who I am today I would say really, that was me? Lol Who's with me here on this?

Now come on, I know some folks reading this remember me from back then. Talk about swearing? The f - word was my favorite verb, adjective, noun - you name it. Very loud, aggressive, insensitive and vulgar. Yes I know maybe still a little what, assertive? Still opinionated but I try to keep it at least nice now.

How did it happen? How did I go from that woman I was in my 20's who never ate but once a day, smoked a pack a day, drank, swore was very aggressive in thought and actions to, well, at least a much softer (although some might still question that) person that has made it a point to be caring, try not to swear, try to be more sensitive to others and their thoughts and feelings, someone who is a Christ follower.

Someone who actually takes care of myself with quality nutrition and exercise regularly and has a business helping others live healthy and fit and has in fact for many years. Like a BIG turn around. A whole directional change.

In another conversation with this same friend she said to me something to the effect that although she has made some changes the changes have come incrementally over time.

Like she would take two steps forward and one step back or two steps forward and 3 steps back. Yes, that does happen. So like for her and for me to the changes did not happen overnight. She did not just start from get-go living healthy.

Small changes over a period of time and sometimes you do get sucked right back to square one. Right back to that 'old person' you are trying to change from. Right back to that person that eats crap, or wants to take a nap instead of exercise or that loud mouth trash talker...whatever or who ever YOU are changing from.

Now listen, here are THE KEY'S to changing.

1. NEVER quit trying. No matter if you have tried 33,000 times. So like if you say "But I have tried to lose weight and be healthy all my life and I am now 45." SOOOOOoo try again and make sure it is a balanced lifestyle of healthy living you are attempting to do not some CRAZY DIET. And don't say nothing works for me because that is not true and is a quitting statement. All your OLD WAYS of trying to get healthy and fit don't work so find a NEW way and do it.

2. Surround yourself with folks that practice the behavior you are trying to attain - so like don't hang with drinkers if you are giving up drinking. Don't hang with trash talkers if you are trying NOT to swear. Don't hang with starvers (this was me - peeps that don't eat)  if you are trying to eat healthy and live healthy.

3. Be very careful about what you're reading. Is it growing you in a positive way or is their trash talking and easy living in it that is just NOT REAL? Guess what folks? What you read DOES influence you so you have to ask yourself is this growing me in the direction I want to go or is it bringing me back to square one? And if you don't read then START to read. Whatever area you are trying to improve in then read up about it. Educate yourself or at least start and go along trying to...

4. Be very careful about WHO you are listening to. So is everyone around you telling you YOU CAN'T or building you up? Are you listening to your girlfriend who has ONLY ever gotten smaller from starving her whole life? Or to your friend who has NEVER successfully done what you are trying to do? Listen to folks who HAVE DONE IT and are living it not someone still trying to figure it out themselves.

5. Be careful of what you are watching on TV - oh yeah. Now this is a biggie if you watch TV. Like if you want to be a NICE, KIND, generous, well-mannered and basically a good moral person then probably watching reality TV would be a NO-NO. HOW do folks in reality shows BEHAVE? Do they behave like YOU WANT to behave? Well if you want to be a back stabber, liar, aggressive loud mouthed something or other well.... You get the picture?

6. Pay attention to how you behave when in certain situations and question WHY. You know a lot of personal growth is really getting to know WHO you are and WHY you behave the way you behave. So lots of paying attention to yourself and your place in your life and the world.

7. So along with #6 really analyze WHO you are NOW and visualize WHO you want to BECOME.

At lastly, but probably for me, the most important step - Yep JESUS! Now listen, don't discount this blog just because I brought the big J into this. That would not be right.

This blog is mostly about my experiences and maybe those I am working with to a degree and in my story JESUS was and is HUGE. First because I was totally against anything God or Jesus related and then I became saved or born again and well so then YOU/ME we read the bible, you/me listen to folks that read the bible and you or me FOCUS on being a quality person and Jesus works in our lives. HE and the bible changes you. Is it tomorrow? Not for me. Lots of time, lots of falling down and in fact, still falling down and continuing on, getting back up and on and on.

In health and fitness there is NEVER arriving.

Just like in life there is NEVER arriving.

You just continue to live according to your thoughts, habits and your environment around you and you make decisions that are good one day and maybe bad the next based on your thoughts, habits, environment, people influences, your reading materials, your TV watching your beliefs.

So make sure to be aware that you can be who you dream of being but only you are in control of your beliefs, your thoughts, your friends, your reading materials ... Whether you know it or not.

Pay attention today to why you are making the decisions you are making. Why today, you think the way you think. Who told you to think that way. Do you have to think that way? Can you change that thinking? Absolutely and must to move forward to another level of being or to become different from who you are today.

You must grow and expand and change. And that scares the crap out of people and will be another blog. Dealing with fear and particularly fear of change.

Hope you liked this post about Living Healthy! Hey you know I love comments or hit LIKE so your friends can read it too:) Thanks

Your Coach,


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