Low Carb Coconut Pancakes

Low Carb Coconut Pancakes

Low Carb Coconut Pancakes


4 Ingredients

Less than 10 minutes to make

Healthy Recipe

Why NOT make it!



OK so I started out yesterday looking for a HEALTHY, easy recipe that looked and sounded tasty and required just a few ingredients that I already had in my kitchen and YAY I found it - Low Carb Coconut Pancakes.

Yep, it was a recipe that I had pinned to my Healthy Recipe Board on Pinterest. My daughter Erica decided that she wanted to help my MAKE it, so, of course I put her to work.

First, we got all  4  ingredients we needed for this recipe together to MAKE SURE we had everything we needed lol. I also used the grill in that first picture for the first two PANCAKES but, but, well it didn't work so well, so, I then used a small frying pan. That worked AWESOME!

Here is the Recipe from bodybuilding.com

Low Carb Coconut Pancakes


For more information like on HOW to make you can follow my pictures or go to bodybuilding.com for the rest of the details.

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Alright so we've seen the pics of my daughter with all the ingredients but to come up with coconut flour I put some coconut into my Bullet Blender and blended it till it became powder. Also somehow, someway I totally missed the EGG WHITE part and included the whole egg. Well, my daughter did it lol and can I tell you it was fantastic. Here is my finished product that my son Brent ate

The rest of us had it without the walnuts and bananas. NONE of us used honey and instead used real Maple SYRUP. I also put twice as much coconut powder in as asked for and that was it for the changes for me.
What I have found is that NONE of these recipes are made in STONE so you really can mix and match stuff and come up with just as healthy meals but with different ingredients you might like more. Like if I had any berries in the house, berries would have tasted GREAT as a topper for this recipe.
Calorie wise as we used the whole egg and for 3 of us did not use walnuts and bananas then the cals are a swap. At least till we added in the real Maple Syrup - YIKES.  Protein wise this is an AWESOME recipe. Be sure to try it yourself. Check back and let me know HOW it turns out for YOU.
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** This is a repost from June of 2012. Busy, busy week this week and it's summer with the kids 🙂

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  1. Margie says:

    Well I had to try this one. When I read the ingredients and you said you had everything in your kitchen and I thought …she has coconut flour in her kitchen!! So when I got to the part about blending coconut until it became flour like I thought, ok. Of course you probably know that I only use my magic bullet to make frozen margaritas. But hey it worked like a charm on the coconut. My coconut was sweetend but I thought that could only enhance the flavor.
    I was just going to make half the recipe so after I got the 2 egg whites in and I put double the flour it still seemed orunny so I put all the coconut flour I made in, it was probalby 4 tbsp.
    I made one pancake in my small frying pan and I have to say it was great, very yummy!! I did put some bananas and walnuts on it as well as sugar free syrup.
    Great recipe Evey.

    • Hey Margie, yes it was very runny for me too. Using the small frying pan worked really well and after the first 5 pancakes (I used 18 eggs as you know I like to make a LOT when I cook), I put a lid on the small frying pan when cooking and WOW they turned out thick and awesome. They rose up and they looked and tasted DELICIOUS. Yep I will be cooking these regularly. Glad you liked them and told us about your experiences.

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