Member's ONLY Next Level Club

Member’s ONLY Next Level Club

Are you a part of my Member's ONLY Next Level Club?

If not, why not? Guaranteed to take YOU to YOUR next level of health and fitness. But you have to WORK FOR IT!

Isn't it time you took control back with your health and fitness? In all areas? Not just physically but mentally and spiritually as well? Maybe the time is NOW for you. Maybe you are finally ready to make serious changes that will move you in the direction you want to go. Why not? What have  you got to lose? Some body fat? Some time?


Have you always wanted to get a personal trainer and just couldn't afford it or were t00 uncomfortable to go to the local gym and hire one?
Do you have questions about HOW to go about getting healthy and fit without using crazy diets and exercise programs?
Have you lost weight and gain weight 10 or more times over the years and yet still have not reached the health and fitness level you want?
Do you want to get healthy and fit and have NO ONE to cheer you on?
Do you have no one who can encourage and motivate you to stick to it?
Do you realize that things in your life have to change for you to get healthy and fit but you are just not sure WHAT those things are?
Do you have a health problem that will go away if you can just learn how to LIVE healthy?
Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut? Physically, mentally or spiritually?
Are you FINALLY looking to get uncomfortable to get healthy and fit?
Are  you ready to FINALLY get healthy and fit, no matter what?
Are you afraid of this getting healthy and fit because you don't know where to start?
Are you discouraged because you don't know how to make it happen?
Do you have support and encouragement but still nothing is happening the way you think it should?
Is it taking TOO LONG to get healthy and fit? Do you know why that is?

I am opening my LEARNING and SUPPORT group Next Level Club  to ANYONE willing to work to get healthy and fit. Yes, till January 14, 2014 the group will be open for NEW subscribers to join. If you read those questions above and you relate to ANY of them this is the group for YOU. The next 12 Week Lifestyle Change will officially start on Jan 6th 2014.




It has been proven time and again that with accountability and group support folks ALWAYS do better. LEARNING, accountability and group support is what Next Level Club is ALL about. We currently have an AWESOME group that is IN THE PROCESS of getting healthy and fit. Yes it is a process, not a destination. You don't arrive. You just continue to strive and make the better healthier choices for your life. Our group is looking forward to having some of YOU join us in the next 12 Week Lifestyle Change. It is an fantastic accountability and support group where we all communicate daily with our struggles, our successes and anything we want to share about our journey.



There truly are steps you can work towards that will help you get where you are looking to go with your health and fitness. In my Member’s ONLY Next Level Club I will take you through my 12 Weekly Action Steps with weekly and monthly prizes awarded. Every week on Sunday I will write a (v)blog just for my NLC Member’s that will be that week’s action step. As a member you will be required to do, yes APPLY that action step that week and continue with the skill and knowledge into your following weeks.




Also I take questions from member’s and write a 2nd blog every week specifically answering those questions for that week. Often if you have a question then it could very well be another members question as well. I think it is really important to give you all the knowledge you need to move forward with your health and fitness goals. I also, believe that the community aspect will be HUGE in everyone’s success. Through our NLC Facebook Page we will be able to interact and post our progress pics or our progress details and discuss problems or celebrate our successes along the way. Our Facebook Page will be PRIVATE so no one can see what we are doing unless they are a member.




Of course, this is not for free. But I believe it is still a very reasonable rate of $14.95 a month. I will tell you I am a straight shooter lol and for some folks too straight and I don’t hold back when asked my opinion and I tend to be pretty honest with folks. If this turns out to not be for you then no big deal. We will part ways friends and move on in our chosen directions. This program will not be for everyone, nor should it be. This is a lot of guidance and information and well worth the price someone would pay to finally ‘get healthy and fit, inside and out’. So be sure to jump on board Jan 14, 2014.



If you have made a DECISION to get healthy and fit NO MATTER WHAT and are ready to make a COMMITMENT to do all 12 steps for 12 weeks (so a minimum of a 12 week commitment) without thinking you already KNOW EVERYTHING, so willing to learn, and really give this your time and attention then you are who I want to work with. If you are still thinking about it, or think you already know everything or are just wishy-washy and thinking maybe, sorta, I might do it – PLEASE DON’T. Wait till you are FIRMLY committed – you do not need another failed get healthy and fit program under your belt.




My purpose with this Member’s ONLY Next Level Club and my future eBooks (Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit’ out already)  is to give YOU, a regular person just like me, the opportunity to get the information, to get the direction through the 12 Weekly Action Steps, the inspiration, the motivation, the community really EVERYTHING you need to assure that you DO GET HEALTHY AND FIT and that you STAY THAT WAY. You can do this. We can do this together. Jump on board and give this a try. Click here to sign up NOW because Jan 14, 2014 we are ON!


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Look forward to working with you.

God Bless you,


"See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland." Isaiah 43:19

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