My Secret to Getting FIT

My Secret to Getting FIT

If you notice the picture I'm leading this blog entry with, after the YOU EARN YOUR BODY, all the following sentences start with I WANT or I WILL. You know I have been in fitness since 1997 and when I first started to imagine myself living healthy and fit it really seemed soooo undoable.

In the beginning of my journey I thought well I smoke, I never eat and I don't even LIKE to exercise so like HOW can I become healthy and fit and be a personal trainer? Yes the thought scared me and I couldn't imagine myself THERE. I remember thinking I would have to quit smoking, I would have to actually GET HEALTHY AND FIT lol and really LEARN a lot of stuff I knew NOTHING about. Basically enter into a NEW WORLD for me.

So lots of CHANGES would occur before I could BECOME healthy and fit.

Most of those changes had to occur first in my mind. Like initially I just could not imagine myself living healthy and fit. Then slowly being around someone who lived healthy and fit I started to make small changes. In making the changes and starting small I started to see myself or IMAGINE that maybe I could, I really, really could BE healthy and fit.

Maybe, just maybe I could quit smoking, I could like to exercise and maybe I really could LEARN TO COOK (notice I did not say LIKE to cook). It also helps to SEE others make the changes. Then it is a little easier to IMAGINE yourself doing it too. That is one of the reasons those before and after photos are sooooooo motivating. When I see the before photo and it's me and then I see the after and WHAT CAN BE or IS - WOW powerful!

Like have you ever looked at a fitness model, you know someone on the cover of a magazine and said to yourself, "SHE/HE Looks Incredible, I could NEVER Look like that." That NEVER in that statement setsΒ  you up to fail before you even began.

HOW we think of what we are doing is EVERYTHING. Like so the very first time I got healthy and fit and quit the smokes, started exercising regularly and started to learn how to prepare healthy food I remember thinking I am NOT GOING TO THINK TOO MUCH about all this.

I am just going to do.

I didn't want to think to much about it all because I KNEW I would just talk myself right out of ALL THIS NEW STUFF. I would be having that self talk in my head saying "YOU really can't do this" or "Who are you to think you can change?" or "NO ONE CAN QUIT SMOKING" or well you know. I am sure you have some tired old lines running through your head every time you step out and TRY something new and HEALTHY and different.

By the way, that not thinking too much about it really worked for me. I just planned my day and did what I planned and the few times I stepped on the scale to measure my progress and DID NOT LIKE what I saw I would have a little conversation with myself.

Yep that conversation was to again NOT THINK TOO MUCH about it and CONTINUE to move forward with THE PLAN no matter what. Have learned NOT TO USE THE SCALE as my only means of measurement of progress long ago. Hope you reach that point at some time too. It really is freeing.

Recently, as of last summer I began another transformation. As of last summer I was 44 years old and I had put on some pounds. Lots of changes in my life since I turned 40 with losing my parents, almost losing my husband to a brain virus and selling our Personal Training Business of 10 years and well I had let it go.Β  I remember that summer getting up one morning and my feet hurt to walk to the bathroom and I just ached all over and felt heavy and OLD. Well I was heavy and I was getting old but I had up to this point in my life never actually FELT IT. I remember laying in bed thinking to myself "OK Evey you have a choice to make here. You can continue on this path you are going and just get to feeling older and getting fatter and more unhealthy or you can turn this around and get HEALTHYΒ  and FIT again." Here is a backside view of me at the beach last summer August 2011.

Yep you can call me BIG MOMMA! I was big, I was depressed and I was not very happy about anything at that time. I do remember getting home and looking at this picture and this was MY WAKE-UP call. Yes I was having a time just walking to the bathroom in the morning but you can LIE to yourself about how bad it really is until you SEE with your own eyes that yep it is REALLY BAD. I swear that is why most folks try to get fit for the holidays. They don't want to see the pictures and see HOW FAT or how unhealthy they really look because in our own minds we are HOT or we are looking GREAT or well at least OK. Never that bad lol.

So yep this blog was part of this transformation back to health and fitness for me. I also thought of just throwing in the towel and getting a REAL job whatever the heck that is and just quitting. Quitting trying, quitting trying to be healthy and fit, quitting anything. As you can see I didn't go that route. Nope I made some decisions that lead me to right here and right now. I DECIDED that what I WANTED was to at least feel good again. So no matter what was going on in my life, whether the kids, the hubs, the lack of income or WHATEVER else was going on I would AT LEAST feel good. And I would write about ALL THAT I'VE LEARNED over the years about 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out' hence this blog site. Cause I KNOW there are lots of folks just like me out there. Questioning can a older lady/man really get healthy and fit? Can a mom in her 40's battling perimenopause and incredible mood swings with lots of stress STILL GET healthy and fit?

This is me today at 45 yrs old:

Nothing done before or to this photo. Literally taken right after I finished working out today about 4pm, just before helping the kids do homework. I don't even have a tan πŸ™‚

In between these times (pics) I did MY TRANSFORMATION for this blog site. You see the before up there was taken in the summer, last year - 2011, but I didn't start my official tracking and videoing of my transformation till Christmas time - 2011. At that time I had already dropped some weight. Like I would say at least 15 pounds and already had been working out and eating right for about 4 months so progress had already been made. But I finished it publicly on my blog site as what I did is realistic to do in a 12 week time period. Here are the pics from my 12 week transformation that began in December 2011 and ended in March 2012. And of course just hit on My Transformation tab on the top of my blog site for ALL the details of that 90 day challenge.

So in all my transformation from that summer photo to where I was in my 12 week transformation after pic was about 7 months. All in all not that long for how far I traveled. How did I do it? What is MY SECRET? I made a DECISION and I WANTED it. Yep really very simple. I made a decision and decided NOTHING was going to stand in my way. Not my schedule, not my husband, not my kids, not my cravings for chocolate, not my thinking 'can I really do this',Β  NOTHING. WHY? Because I WANTED to feel good again. I wanted to feel young again. I didn't want to struggle walking to the bathroom first thing in the morning. I didn't want to be depressed and think that I couldn't control what I put into my mouth and what I did with my time and what I thought. Because I KNEW I could control my thoughts, change my eating and move my body even when I might not FEEL like it.

So really the SECRET is to make a decision. List WHY you want to follow through on this decision, that will be your wants, and then just DO IT NO MATTER WHAT. No matter what the circumstances are TODAY. What your circumstances are tomorrow, whether the holidays are coming up or whether you can have wine or not. I mean this is YOUR decision. You made it WHY? And CONTROL what thoughts are happening in your head. Listen if I can do it so can you. If anyone else can do it, so can you. I have been hanging with a girlfriend lately who looks at some before and after photos that I post on my page sometimes and she always looks in wonder like can that really be me? YES it can be YOU but, but YOU, yes YOU must do the WORK. Day in and day out you must follow the plan and LIVE healthy and fit. Because let me tell you something, you can NOT BE healthy and fit unless you LIVE HEALTHY AND FIT. Yep it can't be for 3 months. It can't be for a year. It has to become WHO YOU ARE. And if not, check out my photo from last summer. Yep you can backslide but, but, but YEP you an always pull it together again. Choice is YOURS. Now choose wisely πŸ™‚

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  1. kathy huberd says:

    is that really you in that before ?????? wow…..over time i have read your blogs but now pay alot of attention to them πŸ™‚ thank you !!!!! i am just starting a new journey in my life πŸ™‚ i had an “ah ha” moment when a friend who is also a life coach told me about accountability ! WELL I DONT HAVE ANY / NONE. πŸ™ no job, no man in my life, kids grown and so on. but i have to be for me πŸ™‚ boy was that a wake up call.

    but anyways i wanted to thank you personally for being the great and inspiring person you are πŸ™‚ sincerely, kat

    • Yep that was me a year ago. Started writing this blog at Christmas last year. I have been blogging for years but after we sold our studio I pretty much stopped everything and gained lots of weight. Thanks for reading and I hope you keep visiting πŸ™‚

  2. You are amazing and inspiring. I ask you don’t give up on me! I know I can do it. You are such an inspiration!

    • Jackie you know I am NEVER giving up on you and I hope and pray you do NOT give up in yourself. You will achieve your goals and I will help you any way I can πŸ™‚ Evey

  3. Vicki Pietrzak-Anderson says:

    Hey Evey,
    Unfortunately, when I stopped working out with you and Lynn, I let things “go”. That picture of you last summer, that’s me now with maybe a few more pounds. I had all the usual excuses, no time, too much stress, didn’t feel like it (depression). Now, I’m just not happy about anything. I know most of that unhappiness comes from me not liking my body right now. I KNOW the depression is from not liking my body. I keep telling myself that I’m going to make the changes I need to make but I just can’t seem to find the motivation to actually do it. I even told my Mom yesterday that I wish I could find the motivation to loose this weight again. I know what to do because you taught me! Well guess what, I found my motivation! Thank you, Evey! You’re absolutely right about making that one decision to start you on the road to be healthy and fit. I’m making that decision now! Thank you again, Evey! You are always an inspiration to me! I’ve really missed you and Lynn and the kids! Tell everyone hello!

    • Vicki, so glad to hear from you and so glad this blog HELPED you to rediscover HOW to get it going again. You know after all our many conversations and all YOUR training EXACTLY what to do and I will tell you their is NOTHING wrong with letting things GOOOOOO sometimes. Stuff happens, but THANK GOD me and now you too will turn it back around and get ‘fighting again’ to FEEL GOOD again and live better and healthier. Keep in touch and I will tell kids and Lynn you said HI!!

  4. Jessie says:

    Wow, that “before” pic you were really fat – congratulations for having the confidence (or the obliviousness) to wear that outfit with those deep rolls of fat on your back…!

    Congratulations…I notice this blog is 3 years old how r u doing now? Kept it off? Or gain it back?
    cheers JESS

    • Jessie, I am currently 48 yrs old now and I am doing great. In fact, I am going to post a blog here soon about exactly where I am right now with my health and fitness and about Transformations II. Side effects of transforming your body. Make sure to stop back and check it out πŸ™‚

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