Our Reality and the Old "I CAN'T"

Our Reality and the Old “I CAN’T”

Our Reality and the Old "I CAN'T"

Now listen, if after you have looked at my leading picture up there you start to get tight in the chest I will admit I also DISAGREE with some of the picture.

Like, for example, I would say that you probably gained weight by also not moving too much and stomping up YOUR BODILY SYSTEM with JUNK, as in junk FOOD. It IS NOT just about calories in and calories out.

YES there is more to it than that. It is about YOUR WHOLE LIFESTYLE. Like how much do you sleep? How well do you handle stress? Do you even DRINK water and if so, how much? When was the last time you ate a VEGETABLE? What? You don't know what a veggie is? Come on lol! Or how about just walking. How much do you REALLY move your body? Not what YOU THINK your doing but what you are ACTUALLY DOING! (Journal alert!)









I remember a few years ago I was training this older woman client and she was having a LOT of health problems. Like she was pre-diabetic and had high blood pressure and of course was enjoying peri-menopause symptoms (urrrrghh). So she goes to her Dr. and between her Dr. and myself we convinced her to wear a pedometer. You know those nifty little things that measure HOW FAR YOU WALK, how many steps you take in a time period. Weeeeellllll can I say the results were ASTONISHING to her? She just could NOT BELIEVE that she was literally only walking a few hundred steps a day, YES YOU READ THAT RIGHT, JUST a few hundred steps a day.

Hmmmm NOW think about that for a second. Did any of those excuses on the right side of the picture sound like YOU?

Remember if you are HAPPY with your health and fitness then LIVE ON as I like to say but then WHY are you reading this blog? Seeing as this blog is ALL about YOU  and me 'getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out'. It truly is NEVER too late to change your life around.

I don't care if you are 3oo+lbs overweight, have diabetes, had cancer or have heart problems and maybe even had open heart surgery IT IS NEVER TOO LATE to start living healthy and fit, inside and out. Well of course when YOU KICK THE BUCKET, yep then, and only then is it too late.

SO my question to you, if you have NOT ALREADY started on some program to help you GET HEALTHY,  WHY haven't you? Most especially if you have health problems and you KNOW you should be taking better care of your one and only BODY!

Now look at this picture. WOWZA!!

Get rid of some body fat and you have the potential to get rid of many, many health problems. For sure many folks continue to suffer needlessly with small and sometimes LARGE health problems and a solution is really very simple. All that the solution requires is that you CHANGE YOU LIFE! hahahaha yep because guess what?


If you have health problems and you have been told, hopefully you have a good Dr., that you NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT which really means you need to lose BODY FAT and your problems will get smaller and go away BUT, BUT you can't eat WHATEVER your restriction will be Lol What do you do? Yep you say but "I CAN'T" not eat bread. "I Can't" not have coffee. "I can't" not eat sugar. "I can't" not eat ____________ you fill in the blank.

I was watching that show last week Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition and the lady transforming says in one segment but "I can't have that food and it is really hard for me." Loose quote as she said something very similar to that.

My point here is that when YOU say I CAN'T have this or I CAN'T have that you, I swear, automatically you set yourself up for a FALL. I ALWAYS told our clients while you are training and working on your transformation you are CHOOSING to NOT HAVE this or NOT have that. It is all about YOUR choices.

So next time you say I Can't for anything, choose instead to say I CHOOSE NOT TOO.

Remember nothing controls you unless you let it control you.

All you are and do you CHOOSE to be and do. It's time you took YOUR POWER back. I mean it is your choice, your decision to GET HEALTHY and FIT right?

So take control of your choices and your decisions and NO MATTER WHAT or no matter who says but, but, but why aren't you drinking with us or why aren't you eating the cookies with us you say, "BECAUSE I CHOOSE NOT TOO." Easy peasy AFTER the first 1000 times.

If you want to add to this PLEASE do so right in the comments below 🙂

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