Why Diets Don't Work

Why Diets Don’t Work

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How many diets have you been on over the years before you finally realized why diets don't work? Or maybe you finally just realized that diets don't work but not the WHY?

We were visiting friends the other day and I was talking to my girlfriend's husband.

Here is that conversation:

Me: You guys got New Year's Resolutions, Goals, Plans to working toward getting healthy and fit?

Him: Ahhhh yeah I am going to do ADVOCARE?

Me: Why and what is your goal?

Him: Well I just have to lose 10-15lbs so I can fit into my clothes. Everyone at work is doing it and I know if I do the shakes I will lose that weight.

Me: OK And then what? So say you do lose the weight drinking the Advocare shakes and you lose your targeted weight of 10-15lbs then what?

Him: Then I can fit into my clothes again.

Me: OK but FOR HOW LONG? HOW LONG DO YOU THINK YOU WILL CONTINUE TO FIT INTO YOUR CLOTHES? Or how long will you continue to drink the shakes?

Me again: Are you going to fit into them for a week or 2 then start eating like you always have and then what? Gain back 20lbs because you basically cut calories while drinking Advocare shakes to lose the weight anyway?

Him: I don't know! I didn't really think about it.

Me: OK

Hmmm maybe this is you and maybe this is something you really should be thinking about before you just jump into a non-sustainable weight loss program again.

Einstein Insanity

Now listen, I have NOTHING against Advocare or Visalus or Shakeology or any of the number of programs out there that have you buy their supplements and get on their programs to lose weight. What I do have a problem with is the sustainability of most of the programs folks choose to try.

Like when I had my Personal Training Studio yes we sold supps too but we also made it CLEAR that folks have to LEARN a new way to LIVE. Not for a short time period but forever. If you are living unhealthy then to get healthy you must start LIVING HEALTHY and doing the daily things healthy peeps do. And supps are not going to be the end all answer to YOU getting healthy and fit today and always.

I wanted to share that conversation I had the other day because I fear that MANY, MANY peeps are choosing to lose weight any old way just TO LOSE WEIGHT and are not thinking about how it will affect their health, their metabolism and the sustainability of the weight loss.

When folks start restricting stuff like food choices and calories and doing it FOR A TIME PERIOD then I'm wondering what happens next?

I have seen it too many times in the past that it ends up being a SHORT TIME PERIOD and then folks fall back into old lifestyle patterns and regain the weight and NEVER LEARN the skills necessary (mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) to live healthy and fit.

If you have always done diets and yet are still overweight and still trying to figure out how TO FINALLY lose the weight for good don't you think you need to try something NEW? Something that helps make your weight loss PERMANENT?

I mean if you are going to RESTRICT YOURSELF and maybe even starve yourself FOR A TIME PERIOD and yes be UNCOMFORTABLE doing it why don't you just be uncomfortable learning about HOW YOUR BODY ACTUALLY OPERATES WITH food and calories and exercise and so on.

Aren't you tired of this constant losing and gaining thing you have going on?



Yes, you read that right. You really can get healthy and fit, inside and out in a healthy manner and LIVE IT FOREVER.


I hope you are not imaging getting healthy and fit and staying the same? Totally IMPOSSIBLE. The life you are currently living has produced where you are RIGHT NOW.

expand your mind & U will transform ur mind

Now if you are happy where you are then RIGHT ON! Read no further.

If you want to get healthy and fit and STAY healthy and fit then continue on ...

Based on all my years experience helping others LEARN new life skills to get healthy and fit I recognized that this is a PROCESS that requires TIME, DETERMINATION and Persistence to achieve your health and fitness goals.

It will NOT HAPPEN OVERNIGHT and it will prob not happen PERMANENTLY doing a 12 week program.

I offer lots of INFORMATION via blogs and my eBook "The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit".

Also, we have an accountability group that walks you through a 12 Week Lifestyle Change by doing 12 Weekly Action Steps that address a lot of the emotional, physical and daily challenges while working to change daily habits. Yes, my Member's ONLY Next Level Club where we have a Facebook Group Page for lots of interaction.

If you are someone who needs more guidanceĀ  and accountability then there is my Online Coaching where you can get an Individualized Eating and Exercise Plan geared towards your health and fitness goals.

I also am offering an In-Home Personal Training for locals and if you are NOT LOCAL then I can still Personal Train you via Skype šŸ™‚

Listen, first I want you to know you can get healthy and fit no matter what your current situation is.


It must always first start with your belief in yourself and your abilities. I know for many who have tried and failed repeatedly this is a tough mindset to get into but for sure it can be you too.

If you have the right tools and you are really focused on CHANGING YOUR LIFESTYLE and in the process really discovering WHO YOU ARE and becoming WHO YOU WANT TO BE then we can work together.

BUT, I can't do the work for you. This is a DOING situation. You will be required to do stuff EVERYDAY that you are not USED TO DOING.

Yes change and lots of it but the end result, OVER LOTS OF TIME and over and through lots of obstacles, is well worth it.

So I am going to ask you, if you have made a New Year's GOAL, Resolution or commitment to getting healthy and fit, I would love to be the Coach to help you finally, this year of 2014, achieve that goal.

Just click on any of the links or visit my eStore to find out more. I look forward to working with you and helping you BECOME HEALTHY AND FIT.

YOUR Coach,


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