You have to eat anyway

You have to eat anyway

eat what you've always eaten you will weight what you've always weighed

You have to eat anyway!

So often when talking with folks about getting healthy and fit they spend a great deal of that time talking about what exercises to do or how much cardio instead of about THE FOOD.

Really surprising as FOOD is HUGE in getting healthy and fit.

What do you think about that?

Do you believe that what you eat, when you eat, how much you eat and so on is vitally important to your health and fitness goals?

If you do believe that then why does it often seem to be something folks really try to resist? Not wanting to address the EATING HABITS?And instead FOCUS on the exercises.

In talking to some clients the other day they kept asking my what exercises to do and what their cardio should look like and I kept bringing them back to the FOODS THEY ARE EATING.

FIRST FOODS you are eating day in and day out.



As the foods you are eating is the most important factor to achieving your health and fitness goals.


Yep, we all must eat to survive and thrive and if we know and believe that then we MUST TALK ABOUT what exactly we are eating, when and how much.

SO yes, I am sure most of us are USE TO eating certain foods and cooking and shopping certain ways right?

The point I am always trying to make is you are going to eat anyway sooooo ....

You are going to go shop and/or grow your own foods.

You are going to prepare your foods.

You are going to decide when and how much you are going to eat.

YOU ARE IN CHARGE of what you eat and so then to a LARGE extent you are in charge of your health and fitness too.

So if you are thinking but, but I CAN'T eat this way or I can't eat that way or the biggie - I DON'T HAVE TIME to eat healthy, quality foods my question is why not?

You are going to eat today anyway aren't you? And when you eat it will be what YOU DECIDE to eat and how much too?

Yep, you are in CONTROL so get out there and try some new healthy recipes and make decisions today that bring you closer to your health and fitness goals.


Your Coach,




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