Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos

a10Apple Nachos

Looking for a tasty, easy and healthy recipe? Here it is: Apple Nachos

So I had some apples that I wanted to use up before they started to go bad and discovered a version of this recipe. YAY

Nothing better than finding a recipe that you can use some stuff up in the kitchen that is GREAT for you and tastes delicious too 🙂

YES, this was breakfast this morning in my household and the kids LOVED IT!

Plus it only took like 10 min to make.

Here are MY PICS of the process followed by the recipe that you MUST TRY!





























Apple Nachos

 3 crispy and slightly tart apples - or any apples you have on hand
 3 tbsp creamy natural peanut butter or any nut butter you LOVE
 1/4 cup sliced almonds
 1/4 cup pecans
 1/4 cup flaked unsweetened coconut
 1/4 cup Dark chocolate chips
 Slice the apples
 Melt the Nut Butter on stove or in microwave
 Drizzle over apples
 Place pecans, sliced almonds, coconut and chocolate chips over apples
 Can use any nuts and dried fruits you love. So don't be afraid to mix it up.


And there you have it.  Healthy, tasty, easy and delish Apple Nachos that everyone in your family is sure to love. You can make these for breakfast like I did this morning or you can make them as a side dish. Or even as a tasty treat while watching the game. However and wherever you feel it will work.

Be sure to give this easy recipe a try this weekend. Your keys to success with getting healthy and fit and losing weight mostly boils down to you finding foods/meals you LOVE to eat. So get to it!

Your Coach,


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