First Monday of the New Year - Resolutions anyone?

First Monday of the New Year – Resolutions anyone?


First Monday of the New Year - Resolutions anyone?

I don't know about you but I've given up on the New Year resolutions, goals or commitments that seem to abound everywhere with everyone this time of year. Yep, in fact, for me, every morning is a NEW Year lol ... An opportunity for a fresh start.

A short list of some of the goals, resolutions or commitments I've seen so far this year:

  • To make 'big' changes in our daily lives?
  • To 'get healthy and fit'.
  • Lose weight!
  • Getting our finances in order.
  • To living a more fulfilling life with alone time in the am or 'spiritual' time to start our days better.
  • To read more. Watch less TV.
  • To spend more time for those we love.
  • Give up one of our vices like smoking, drinking or ...

Are one of the goals listed above YOUR goal for this New Year? Or maybe you are going to strive to achieve a few of them. Have you been repeating these same goals year after year and still you have not DONE IT?


What to do to actually achieve your goal(s)!


In talking with many people repeatedly over and over again about setting goals and helping them achieve their goals there are a few things that are absolutely mandatory in order for you or me or anyone to eventually GET THERE. Yes arrive at accomplishing their goal.

Here are a couple of my past posts ALL about New Years and achieving the goals we set for ourselves. Click on the links to learn all about The 5 practical steps to getting Healthy and fit and Believing. Lots of great info that is sure to take your game to the next level.

What you Believe and ...... SMART goals

5 Practical Steps to getting Healthy and Fit

Just 2 out of many, many (v)blog posts on HOW to get healthy and fit and stay healthy and fit. Be sure to browse around the site some more and check out some other blog posts along the way 🙂


What if you've done it, gotten healthy and fit but have since LOST your way?


OK so.... you've been side tracked or fallen back into old habits so what to do now?

Get back on that horse. Get back to what you know. Remember WHY you wanted to get healthy and fit before and maybe why you want to do it again this New Year.

Most people claim they want to get 'healthy and fit' so they FEEL BETTER. Or have MORE ENERGY or to get or stay healthy.

New Year old habits


Why do YOU want to achieve what you want to achieve?


This link below, diets don't work,  was a blog post I wrote last year right after the New Year. Give it a read, maybe you will find some answers there

Why diets don't work

If not, I do have an accountability group called Member's ONLY Next Level Club It is a great way to start getting involved with others trying to achieve what you working to achieve as well and setting up your steps to success. Here is the link for lots more deets about my online accountability group.

Member's ONLY Next Level Club

Hope to hear from you about your New Year resolutions and how it's all coming along for you. Be sure to leave me a message below 🙂

Your Coach,



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