Transformation 2 - Other Benefits of getting healthy and fit

Transformation 2 – Other Benefits of getting healthy and fit

Transformation 2 - Other Benefits of getting healthy and fit

Recently I wrote a blog about getting healthy and fit and called it Transformations. It was all about a recent client of mine who had an INCREDIBLE transformation: both physically (outside) and internally (inside).

Sharon B and A!

The blog post mostly focused on the physical aspect of my clients transformation like what she needed to do daily with her eating and exercise to achieve her health and fitness goals of losing weight and size.

This week I want to write about some of the other incredible 'side effects' of anyone's physical transformation which I am calling in this blog Transformation 2 - Other Benefits of getting healthy and fit. The inside benefits that happen too.

YES, some amazing things occur when someone starts to take control of their days (hours and minutes) and their foods (what they put in their mouth all day long). When we start to take control of our daily living it impacts ALL areas of our lives. I think we forget this sometimes.

I call this list below 'side benefits of losing weight' because many people are usually just looking to 'lose some weight' and/or fit into a certain pair of jeans or look HOT for the upcoming cruise.

However, what happens is A LOT, LOT MORE than just fitting into your favorite pair of jeans again.

What are some of those benefits that I've been alluding to with this post?

The BIG 12 Benefits of losing weight and exercising.

1.You will SAVE MONEY! YAY 

Yes you will.

How you might be asking?

Well you will EAT LESS so your shopping bill will be less.

You will probably go out to eat less as it is healthier and vitally important to learn HOW TO make healthy meals you love to maintain your weight loss.

And lastly, you will have to buy less medication as your illnesses or health situations will improve.

This might not be an internal positive per see but it might lead to less stress in your life so then it DOES become an internal plus.

2. You will lower your blood pressure.

Yes just by losing weight and exercising regularly you will be able to decrease or discontinue taking those blood pressure pills and help your heart health.

3. Have MORE Energy!

Always, always and always people are assuming, as they are sitting on the couch trying to get motivated to exercise, that exercise requires energy. When in fact, it produces energy and feel good hormones for you to fight off depression and tiredness.

Also the foods you eat and what you drink have an incredible impact on your energy levels too. When you start to clean up your eating and drinking and start to eat 'as God made it' foods you will gain more energy too as you are supplying much needed nutrients to your body.


4. You will breathe easier

Sometimes we get so comfortable in our own bodies that how we live in them becomes normal to us. Some of the uncomfortable parts just become how it is to live as us. This breathing easier is one of those kinds of situations.

When you start to move your body more (exercise) and watch your foods and the weight starts to come off you actually start to breathe easier. YEEHAW

It is NOT something you notice till you start to experience it and then you are like, "Really? This is how it is suppose to feel to breathe?" Just like when you start to feel comfortable in ALL your clothes again, all the time and you are astounded that you can actually FEEL COMFORTABLE in your clothes and body.


5. Sleeping better and waking up feeling rested

HOLY SMOKES this is a big one. Way too many folks are walking around like zombies nowadays due to lack of sleep without realizing how this impacts every minute of their days with energy and vitality plus the negative to their health and fitness.

Sometimes you are sleep deprived due to stressing about your life/bills/problems. Or it can be because you stay up late watching the late shows or reading. Or it could be because you are overweight and have sleep apnea due to your heaviness.

Whatever reasons you have for NOT getting enough sleep eating healthy and exercising will take you a long way to resolving that problem.

It will improve your sleep and maybe finally you will wake up feeling rested and energetic.

6. Reduced risks of DISEASE

I don't know about you but for this reason alone you should want to keep yourself within a reasonable weight zone.

Being overweight, no matter it's cause, has proved to be a precursor to certain kinds of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Need I say more?


7. Reduces risk of strokes and heart attacks.

YIKES, no one wants to deal with heart attacks and strokes. Did you know that losing weight and exercise could actually help prevent these health situations?

Time to get to it!

8. Lower Cholesterol

Do you have any idea how many people are on medication to lower their cholesterol? Ask around among your family and friends to help you get an idea.

YEP, lots. In fact, way too many. Let's start to get this under control by focusing on eating healthier foods and moving our bodies daily.

9. Reduce or prevent Osteoarthritis

Yes when overweight the joints like your knees and hips take a beating. Losing weight really helps in cutting down on this situation which is very painful to folks suffering with it.

This situation is also improved through exercise which helps with reducing joint pain. YAY

10. Improved immune system

When was the last time you were sick in bed? Do you remember how aweful you felt? Just lying there wishing you felt better and how could you possibly feel so sick?

FLU Season anyone?

Take care of your body and your body will take care of you.

11.Reduce risk of Insulin Resistance

Insulin resistance which is a precursor to diabetes can be avoided if you learn to eat healthy as "God made it food" and move your body regularly.

You ARE NOT PREDESTINED to be diabetic if you start NOW to fuel your body with nutritious, healthy foods and make sure to do some sort of daily exercise regime like weight training.

Your exercise regime can initially start with just walking down the street. Then start learning and doing more as you get healthier with resistance training added to the exercise mix.

12. Confidence

WOW this is a biggie and often overlooked 'side effect' of taking control of your eating and exercise.

YES, when you set goals and achieve those goals while being challenged and working through problems you start to realize your potential.

In realizing your potential you gain confidence in yourself and your abilities.



What is NOT TO LIKE about this list above?

Is it worth changing some daily habits to have ALL 12 of these side benefits PLUS actually losing weight and looking good too?

You tell me.

Your Coach,


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