How does one go about going from overweight, out of shape without stamina, energy and vitality to BEING fit and healthy, having vitality, energy and goals for the future? How do they create (do) their transformations?

Here is a picture of a recent client of mine. Her name is Sharon.

Sharon B and A!

I posted this to Facebook and peeps were like... WOW and How did she do that and blah, blah, blah ...

Gotta tell you through ALL my years of training clients, which is since 1998 with 2-3 yrs off somewhere in there, I have recognized that the folks that end up having a TRANSFORMATION are the ones that 'just do it'.

I know, it sounds so simple. In fact, too simple.

You are probably thinking, "it just can't be that simple."

I am here to tell you, it is that simple. This is NOT COMPLICATED. YOU might make it complicated, but the reality is, it is really SIMPLE to get healthy and fit. (not easy, just simple)

Just a few things you must do regularly, as in daily, and then do it OVER TIME, for some that will be a LONG TIME and down the road of that time, you will ARRIVE. You will achieve your goal of living and being healthy and fit with energy, vitality and most likely lots of goals you are working towards.

If you are now wondering just what those daily things are that you MUST do to get healthy and fit, here they are:

1. Eat foods in their most natural state as you can. Limited processed foods that come packaged.

2. Eat a 'reasonable amount' of those natural state foods. DON'T eat till you can't walk.

3. Find meals and foods that you LOVE. That means you look forward to eating with anticipation. DO NOT try to choke down celery or shakes on your quest to get and live healthy and fit. Or whatever you've tried in the past to LOSE WEIGHT.

4. Learn to do some kind of resistance training to build muscle on your body. This is important whether you are a man or a woman.

5. Find some kind of activity that MAKES you move your body. And do that activity several times a week. YES it can be 3-4 different activities or just one or 10... skies the limit. Example: swimming, running, biking, hiking, tennis, rollerblading etc.... if you LOVE it then you will DO IT.

THAT IS IT! Did you notice the first 3 Steps are all about THE FOOD?

That is the secret to getting and living healthy and fit.


I was at a year end party with middle school teachers last week.

You might be wondering WHY I was at a party with middle school teacher's and I will tell you, because I have been teaching 7th Grade Math at my son's middle school for most of this past year. YES I have also been personal training clients and well as a few other things too 🙂 BUSY, BUSY ...

So while hanging with the teachers a few of them approached me and asked about eating and LOSING WEIGHT and blah blah .... yes sometimes I should just bring a recorder and play it when people ask as I said just what I posted up above. and have been saying that for hmmmmm LONG TIME.

Yep, all about the food, the weight training (resistance training) and the moving the body.

And then the kicker: DO IT OVER TIME!

Once you find the foods that are quality foods with lots of nutrition that YOU LOVE. Learn and do resistance training and move your body regularly then the only other thing you have to do it to DO IT OVER TIME till you get where you want to be with your health and fitness.

So I am talking to someone on the phone the other day and they, of course, were asking me health and fitness questions and they asked me, "So when I lose this weight do I have to KEEP DOING THIS?"

Hahahahaha ahhhhh YES!

Isn't that the idea? To change your life? To change your lifestyle?

So here is the reality, if you revert back to your old ways then your body will revert back to your old shape too.


So can you guess what the client above did to achieve her TRANSFORMATION?

Yep, the 5 steps listed above and I will tell you, she just DID IT.

Asked questions on what to eat, how much and so on but, but BUT

She NEVER said I CAN'T or this won't work or oh know, I can't find anything to eat that I love ...

NOPE, She solved problems and MADE IT WORK and then DID THE WORK for a YEAR. In fact, YEP, she is still doing it. And if she wants to continue to look and FEEL good she will continue to eat healthy, exercise and set goals.


Wishing you the best on setting and achieving your health and fitness goals to achieve your transformations. Be sure to check out my ONLINE coaching packages as I would LOVE to help you, guide you on your way to living healthy and fit. Also I have lots and lots of Healthy Recipes for you to try out to help you find delicious food that you LOVE to eat. Be sure to look around my blog site. Lots of info on weight training and info to take you on your way to YOUR TRANSFORMATIONS.


Your Coach,


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