12 Week "Bathing Suit Ready" CHALLENGE

12 Week “Bathing Suit Ready” CHALLENGE


12 Week "Bathing Suit Ready" CHALLENGE

When I was 44 years old I had an epiphany.

The photo on the left (up above), YIKES, helped me with this vision!

You see at one time, just 3 years before, I was in TOP, TOP shape.


After lots of life challenges like my then husband almost dying and us having to sell our Personal Training Studio of 10 years, I looked at this picture and said WHAT HAPPENED?

Can you relate?

Have you recently seen a picture of yourself and you were momentarily shocked? And said, "who is that?"

So I made a decision.

I decided I had two choices. I could stay on the trajectory I was traveling and just get fatter and unhealthier or I could make a decision to change my direction and get healthy and fit again.

I still clearly remember the morning that I made THE DECISION.

I got up and walked to the bathroom and for the first time in my life I felt OLD. My feel actually hurt just walking to the bathroom.

I remember thinking to myself that I was just SOOOOO TIRED. I had no energy, no vitality, no dreams for the future and I felt OLD and WORN OUT.

And it was a time for a change.

It was time to take my life back again and it was going to start with addressing my health and fitness.

So one day at a time I started to take back the control.

I started to track my foods and start to workout again and slowly but surely changes were happening.

The most interesting thing about taking control of your health and fitness is it has a bleeding effect into ALL OTHER AREAS OF YOUR LIFE.

Where once I felt like all was hopeless or I just had no energy to do anything I now had purpose again. I now had more energy to tackle the day-to-day problems we all experience. I started to feel good again. I started to feel there was a future for me.

And that is WHY I am running this 12 Week "Bathing Suit Ready" Challenge.

To help YOU get your mojo back.

To help YOU lose that extra weight you've accumulated in recent years

To help YOU have energy and vitality again.

To help YOU feel good about yourself again.

Are you ready? Is this your epiphany moment? Is this the time to turn it all around? To take control of your health and fitness back? To address that weight gain?

If it's THAT TIME for  you then sign up for my 12 Week "Bathing Suit Ready" Challenge.

Go to my Online Coaching Website www.notablefitness.com and click on link for Challenge. Official start date is Monday, March 20, 2017.

It's encompasses the NEW way to get personal training from the best - ME. Yes, it's all ONLINE. So it makes it more convenient and more affordable for you.

Included in this challenge:

  • Custom work-out program
  • Initial Video/Phone Assessment
  • Email/Text daily check-in
  • 4 Week Meal Plans
  • Grocery Lists
  • Recipe Manual
  • Dining Out Swap Guide
  • 2017 Goal Sheet

Be sure to sign up TODAY.

You will be joined to our Private FB Group page where we will share challenges, experiences and I will be posting LIVE's of all aspects to LOSING WEIGHT and getting healthy and fit again.

Look forward to working with you!

Your Coach,

Evey Wheeler






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