I am so, so, so passionate about health and fitness that next to God and my two kids health & fitness is next on the list. And not so surprising health and fitness impacts ALL that you and I hold dear in our lives.

This is a field I have been involved with since 1997 in one way or another and I LOVE it! It all started for me back in the fall of 1997. I was thirty years old at that time and up till then I believed that the only way to stay small, notice I did not say healthy and fit, was to eat once a day and smoke a pack of ciggies every day. Boy-oh-boy I have come a long way since then and learned quite a bit about changing thoughts, habits, lifestyles and all the obstacles and challenges that go along with making those changes.

For a lot of us there is so much information in our 'information age' and often it contradicts itself and we sometimes are not sure which way is the 'right way' or even if there is a way more right than another way or if they all work and we just don't work it. Talk about confusing. Are you so confused you are not sure where to start on your road to living a healthy and fit life? If that is you this blog is your answer. I will be writing and talking via (v)blogs about the programs out there, the books, the supplements, the tools pitched and what works or doesn't and WHY or WHY NOT! Basically all things health and fitness. YAY! A little simplicity on a very big topic...

Now the official me:

  • Thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail, 2160 miles in 1999!
  • Owned and operated a Personal Training Studio for 10 years: Jan 2002 till Sept 2011
  • Ran "Healthy Living Seminars" and Health & Fitness Workshops at my studio and in and around the community. Lots of exposure and practice in front of live audiences with sharing my message of "getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out".
  • Helped 100's and 100's of folks from all walks of life overcome their health and fitness obstacles.
  • Blogging and writing about Health and Fitness since 2005 when I blogged on my business website(s)
  • NCSF Certified Personal Trainer - current
  • Certified Zumba Instructor (2007)
  • Competed in a Figure Competition in 2008 and placed 3rd
  • Trained and completed 3 Triathlons.
  • Ran many, many 5k and 10k races over the years.
  • Looking forward to my next fitness challenge - thinking maybe a bikini competition next year? Hmmmmm we will see...

And who says people can't change? I can tell you if you had asked me at any time in my 20's if I would have done any of the list above I probably would have coughed on you (cigs) and then laughed at you and said, "Are you joking?" Yes you can change your life hence my blog site name - now to be your mantra: iwilldoit2 and yes you will.