Book Reviews

“The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit” eBook

The Newbies Guide to Getting Healthy and Fit eBook is a reference for THE BASICS to getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out. The FOUNDATION of living healthy and fit. It is as simplified and honest a version of WHAT IS this sometimes very illusive lifestyle of being healthy and fit. Many of […]

Interview with Rich “Making Champs” Massa aka “The Champmaker”

So excited because I have a special treat for you today. Yep, an interview with Rich “Making Champs” Massa aka “The Champmaker”. Rich is a local celebrity who is well-known for helping those in the community discover their highest potential and achieve their goals whether with health and fitness or through building confidence to go […]

Book Review: Wheat Belly by William Davis, MD

Don’t you find it interesting how you notice things for a time period (years) and then all the sudden you are reading a book that actually explains the phenomenon that you have been noticing but did not quite understand what was causing it or how it was coming about to be. The perfect example for […]

Book REVIEW: “Adrenal Fatigue” by James L. Wilson

I don’t know if you have heard about Adrenal Fatigue but it’s been out and about as a HOT Topic for a few years now in the Holistic and Health and Fitness worlds. This book today that I am reviewing is THE BOOK that got this topic out there. This book was published in 2001 […]

Recipe Book REVIEW: Tosca Reno’s “The Eat-Clean DIET Cookbook”

LOVE Tosca Reno!! For those that don’t know Tosca was married to Robert Kennedy, an icon in the fitness industry. He was the man behind Oxygen Magazine and many, many other endeavors. Tosca actually came late to the fitness field. One of the biggest reasons I really, really like her is because she is the […]