Health/Fitness Tips

IDLife and how it will help you!

IDLife and how it will help you! Whenever I come across an opportunity to help you on your journey of getting and living healthy and fit then you can be sure I will share that info right here. This post on IDLife is exactly that kind of occasion. So I am working out last week […]

Transformation 2 – Other Benefits of getting healthy and fit

Transformation 2 – Other Benefits of getting healthy and fit Recently I wrote a blog about getting healthy and fit and called it Transformations. It was all about a recent client of mine who had an INCREDIBLE transformation: both physically (outside) and internally (inside). The blog post mostly focused on the physical aspect of my clients transformation […]


Transformations! How does one go about going from overweight, out of shape without stamina, energy and vitality to BEING fit and healthy, having vitality, energy and goals for the future? How do they create (do) their transformations? Here is a picture of a recent client of mine. Her name is Sharon. I posted this to […]

First Monday of the New Year – Resolutions anyone?

First Monday of the New Year – Resolutions anyone? I don’t know about you but I’ve given up on the New Year resolutions, goals or commitments that seem to abound everywhere with everyone this time of year. Yep, in fact, for me, every morning is a NEW Year lol … An opportunity for a fresh […]

Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole

Lemon Chicken Potato Casserole I don’t know about you but I eat a lot of chicken in many different variations. Always looking for new ways that fit my criteria: healthy, easy and TASTY! This week’s Recipe FRIDAY is just another version that I and/or you too can use that will use that chicken in a […]

Home Made Blueberry Ice Cream

Home Made Blueberry Ice Cream!   I don’t know about you but I LOVE ice cream and if I can make a healthy, easy and delicious ice cream in just 5 minutes, I am there and with today’s Home Made Blueberry Ice Cream that is exactly what I did. Today is another WINNING recipe to […]

Take your health and fitness to the Next Level

So the question is: are you looking to take your health and fitness to the Next Level?   Now I don’t know what your Next Level is for you TODAY. It could be to lose 5 pounds by the end of July or put on some muscle or maybe just have more energy to keep […]

Living Healthy! Can You Do It?

Living healthy! Can you do it? Just a few weeks ago I was jogging with a friend of mine who has been struggling with living healthy (changing daily unhealthy habits into daily healthy habits) for several years now and, of course, I was jabbering away about changing your foods and changing your schedule and CHANGING […]

Fat shaming and Fit shaming

Fat shaming and Fit shaming! So I am reading an article this weekend from a local magazine called Healthy Living  Lake Mary addition and it was all about Fat Shaming and as you can imaging, seeing as I am into fitness and all the ins and outs of living fit, I got thinking about Fit […]

What are healthy habits?

What are healthy habits? Do you think there is much difference between a healthy habit and an unhealthy habit? Couple questions you might want to ask yourself while thinking about this: What separates them? What makes them the same?   Often when training/coaching clients towards their health and fitness goals this topic will come up […]