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Our Reality and the Old “I CAN’T”

Our Reality and the Old “I CAN’T” Now listen, if after you have looked at my leading picture up there you start to get tight in the chest I will admit I also DISAGREE with some of the picture. Like, for example, I would say that you probably gained weight by also not moving too […]

Track and measure what you’re doing

If you want to REALLY know if what you are doing is working towards getting you healthier and fitter than you MUST TRACK AND MEASURE WHAT YOU’RE DOING!   Yes, you should be writing down what you are eating, how much and when plus what exercises you are doing and with what intensity so you […]

Focus on changing one habit this week

Focus on changing one habit this week! So often when folks try to get healthy and fit they jump into challenges or programs that ask them to change their whole life. Most especially when you are going from eating crap and not moving to eating healthy and moving regularly. Let’s say you are someone who […]

What did you do when you woke up this morning?

The big question is: WHAT DID YOU DO WHEN YOU WOKE UP THIS MORNING? I know you are probably thinking, “what the heck does that have to do with anything?” I gotta tell you, if you made New Year’s goals, commitments or resolutions then it actually has a TON to do with your success. One […]

Member’s ONLY Next Level Club

Are you a part of my Member’s ONLY Next Level Club? If not, why not? Guaranteed to take YOU to YOUR next level of health and fitness. But you have to WORK FOR IT! Isn’t it time you took control back with your health and fitness? In all areas? Not just physically but mentally and […]

Why Diets Don’t Work

How many diets have you been on over the years before you finally realized why diets don’t work? Or maybe you finally just realized that diets don’t work but not the WHY? We were visiting friends the other day and I was talking to my girlfriend’s husband. Here is that conversation: Me: You guys got […]

Victoria Secrets Models Versus Fitness Girls

Victoria Secrets Models Versus Fitness Girls What about all this hoopla going on with the comparisons or in some situations bashing going with fitness folks (women) towards Victoria Secrets Models? I don’t know about you but since I started seeing posts about the Victoria Secrets Models and HOW THEY ARE PRESUMED TO BE HORRIBLE ROLE […]

Supplements to get healthy and fit?

Do you need to use supplements to get healthy and fit?   That is the question I have been asked a lot lately. What between Advocare, Isogenics and Shakeology and all the pushing of the supps you would think like many folks think, that YOU HAVE TO USE A SUPPLEMENT TO GET HEALTHY AND FIT. […]

Benefits of Exercise

Benefits of Exercise: You know I’ve been into this health and fitness stuff for MANY years now and I can honestly tell you when I first started exercising and eating healthy I FOUGHT IT ALL. It was just so FOREIGN to me. Like I never cooked or really wanted to lol and when I wanted […]

Jumping from fitness program to fitness program

Jumping from fitness program to fitness program – is this YOU?   And if so, how is that working out for you? I have to say, everyday I get on my Face Book personal page and my fan page iwilldoit2 and I SCROLL just like you do. I read about peeps personal lives, at least […]