Healthy Recipes

No Bake Chocolate Protein Coconut Balls

No Bake Chocolate Protein Coconut Balls This week’s Recipe FRIDAY, yes my No Bake Chocolate Protein Coconut Balls, is inspired by this holiday season. YES we are all going to be eating holiday cookies so why not make a few of them a healthier version. It is yet another easy, quick and delicious recipe that […]

Chicken and Spinach Dumplings

Chicken and Spinach Dumplings Wanted to try a soup recipe this week with chicken or turkey and this is what I came up with. Delicious healthy Chicken and Spinach Dumplings recipe – YUMMY Of course, being as I am posting it right here on my site as this week’s Recipe FRIDAY , you can be sure that […]

Five Most Popular Healthy Recipes!

Five Most Popular Healthy Recipes! This week for Recipe FRIDAY I am going to list the five most popular healthy recipes that those folks over at Pinterest just LOVE. As you know, if you read this blog regularly that I make recipes that have 3 qualifications. Here are my qualifications: 1. They must be EASY […]

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding

Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding Lately I’ve been on a chocolate trip with my recipes and so decided this week I would supply my reader’s with another EASY, TASTY, QUICK and HEALTHY chocolate recipe. This one is a Greek Yogurt Protein Pudding that literally takes 5 minutes to make and tastes delicious. YUM Made it for […]

Protein Chocolate Muffins

  Protein Chocolate Muffins So a client of mine had a birthday this week and I decided to surprise her and make her a healthy alternative to a birthday cake. Yes, my Protein Chocolate Muffins. YUMMY She loved it 🙂 I mean just LOOK at them. If you are thinking, ‘do they taste as good […]

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Fudge

Chocolate Pumpkin Protein Fudge I don’t know about you but I LOVE fudge. When most of us think we are going to ‘get healthy and lose some weight’ we tend to think, so long fudge or really anything chocolate right? But no, that is just not so. Sometimes you can have your cake and eat […]

Healthy Pumpkin Muffins

Today’s Recipe FRIDAY is Healthy Pumpkin Muffins because it is October ‘the month of the pumpkin’. Thinking I just might post healthy pumpkin recipes for as long as I can get away with hmmm. We’ll see, but for today we have an EASY, healthy and quick recipe that you can make for  snacks or for […]

Apple Nachos

Apple Nachos Looking for a tasty, easy and healthy recipe? Here it is: Apple Nachos So I had some apples that I wanted to use up before they started to go bad and discovered a version of this recipe. YAY Nothing better than finding a recipe that you can use some stuff up in the […]

Banana Pumpkin Egg Muffins

Banana Pumpkin Egg Muffins Looking for a NEW, easy and healthy recipe that absolutely anyone can follow?  Then here is one for you.  I stumbled across this high protein and tasty recipe on Facebook. The name of these delish muffins? Banana Pumpkin Egg Muffins. As name states it has pumpkin in it which is the […]

Healthy Dessert Recipes

Healthy dessert recipes: Baked Peaches with honey and Greek yogurt! I firmly believe that if folks can find enough variations of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts that have healthy ingredients and they truly LIKE/LOVE those meals, then they are well on their way to getting and living healthy and fit. With these thoughts and beliefs […]