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Baked Oatmeal Protein Banana Cake

Baked Oatmeal Protein Banana Cake I am hung up on the oatmeal these past few weeks. Liking the easy recipes with ingredients already on hand and quick breakfast meals for me and the fam this next week. So what I am saying is this week’s Recipe FRIDAY is a can’t lose recipe id you like […]

Oatmeal Cinnamon Protein Cake

Oatmeal Cinnamon Protein Cake So I was looking for a recipe that consisted of oatmeal and vanilla whey protein and  found this one. YAY!  Not only was this recipe EASY but I also had ALL the ingredients already in the house so no shopping necessary. Maybe you already have all the ingredients too 🙂 If […]

Oatmeal Protein Muffins

Oatmeal Protein Muffins   There is nothing better than finding a healthy recipe that makes a meal that is a healthy and delish grab and go … With all our busy lives and all the gotta do’s … who isn’t looking for that? And if that healthy recipe is also EASY, quick and tasty, why […]

Low Carb Coconut Pancakes

Low Carb Coconut Pancakes   4 Ingredients Less than 10 minutes to make Healthy Recipe Why NOT make it!     OK so I started out yesterday looking for a HEALTHY, easy recipe that looked and sounded tasty and required just a few ingredients that I already had in my kitchen and YAY I found it […]

Broccoli and Goat Cheese Souffle

Broccoli and Goat Cheese Souffle   If you are looking for a healthy Easter recipe then you have found it right here with this souffle. YUM This recipe follows all my parameters for becoming part of my recipe collection: EASY tasty healthy relatively quick to make ingredients that I am at least somewhat familiar with […]

Homemade Coffee Creamer’s

Homemade Coffee Creamer’s   I don’t know about you but I am a morning coffee drinker most especially since I have been regularly heading our early in the am to run. Gotta have the ‘cup of Joe’ to wake me up BUT I also like to use those sugar-free Flavored coffee creamers and hmmmmmm YES, […]

Spinach Cheese Pie

Spinach Cheese Pie Had some ricotta left over from last week that I wanted to use up before it went bad and conveniently came across this Recipe.  All ingredients on hand, simple recipe and it was a go. It meets all my usual standards. It has ONLY 4 ingredients. Didn’t add the bell peppers. It […]

Sweet Potato Donuts & Cucumber and Tuna Sandwiches

Sweet Potato Donuts & Cucumber and Tuna Sandwiches   So I had a dilemma this week. Two recipes I really wanted to try out but only one Recipe Friday blog soooooo YEP I made both. Now if you know me at all you can be sure that both these recipes are EASY, QUICK and not […]

Eggs in Muffin Tin

Here is my beautiful daughter Erica helping with today’s recipe. What she is doing is stirring the garlic, diced onion, diced red, green and yellow peppers so they don’t burn while sauteing. She is a BIG help in the kitchen. So I got the idea for this recipe from, can you believe it, a facebook post. […]

Baked Pumpkin and Cottage Cheese

Baked Pumpkin and Cottage Cheese – yep you read correctly. As I sit here smelling this delicious recipe bake I am intrigued to discover just how this is going to taste. On my search for another pumpkin recipe I found this one and thought HEALTHY! Yes all the ingredients in this recipe are healthy and […]