My Transformation

My Secret to Getting FIT

If you notice the picture I’m leading this blog entry with, after the YOU EARN YOUR BODY, all the following sentences start with I WANT or I WILL. You know I have been in fitness since 1997 and when I first started to imagine myself living healthy and fit it really seemed soooo undoable. In […]

Update on my 30 Day Blog Challenge

Update on my 30 day blog challenge – Part 1. Stuff I have learned and great peeps I have met along the way. I have to say, CHALLENGES whether it is a fitness challenge or a blogging challenge or …. you name it, A CHALLENGE always makes you PICK UP YOUR GAME. Buckle down and […]

I started to blog because ….

I started to blog because …. When I was 30 years old (16 years ago), I was a smoker, I was a ‘skinny fat’ person (someone who is skinny but no muscle due to not eating too much) and I believed that I just did not have the body, genetics or ability to BE HEALTHY […]

Changes are coming to this site with my 30 day blogging challenge

Yep for sure, Changes are coming to this site with my 30 day blogging challenge. It’s time to shake things up here and change things about. I have been blogging for about a year and 1/2 and through out this time period I have had INCREDIBLE obstacles and personal challenges too. And yes I still […]

Revisiting Past Successes for Future Success

Revisiting past successes for future success, no matter what the success was in or for, is often a wonderful way to rebuild that confidence that you really can do GREAT things. So with that in mind I went looking at our old business website that we used with our 3rd Personal Training Studio. Second location […]


I don’t know about you but My Story and THE EXERCISE part of my transformation and all this ‘getting and living healthy and fit’ stuff has, at times, been a little bit of a problem for me. I can honestly state, that probably for the first 10 years after my first transformation in 1998, I […]

How & WHY I Decided To Compete In a Figure Competition

So this picture was taken when I competed in a figure competition in August of 2008. I was 41 yrs old in this picture and if you noticed I am holding a trophy. Yep I placed third in my group. It was very scary and very exciting. I want to explain with this blog entry […]

Details of MY 90 Day Transformation Pics

So here they are: My before photo from the Monday before Christmas till Monday March 12, 2112. My 90 day (or 12 week) transformation. Someone recently asked WHY all the pictures? For me I wanted to SHOW with pictures small changes over a period of time to the BIG change. Sometimes when we are always seeing ourselves […]


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9 Week Pics – YAY

  So excited that I am at 9 WEEKS with my TRANSFORMATION. Whew I am DOING it – are YOU? It’s a process I am working. I know sometimes we really, really want it RIGHT NOW and don’t want to have to give up the bread and sweets but still want to LOOK and FEEL […]