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Weight Training Shoulders

Hopefully you took the time to watch the video blog. Hope you enjoyed the beginning where I just start laughing about calling my delts shoulders. Yes they are shoulders but the technical term is deltoids and my hubs was making faces at me 🙂 Soooo anyway, if you got a chance to see my 9 […]

Weight Training – Chest DAY!

It just seems to me that way TOO much emphasis is put on cardio exercise and NOT enough on weight training. If I had a buck for every person who said to me, “But my body isn’t changing. I am not losing fat. I am staying the same no matter what I do.” Uhhhh huh. […]

What About THE Weight Training?

There you have it. Weight training is so important for you to change YOUR state of being. I have always told our clients – when you are setting out to lose some body fat and ‘tone up’ as many folks put it then you are starting on a journey to build a new body. YES […]