In Home Personal Training

In Home Personal Training


Questions to ask:

  1. How did I do last time I tried to lose weight and get healthy?
  2. Will I really do walking lunges on my own?
  3. Do I KNOW what I should be eating for my health and fitness?

If you can answer these questions and KNOW that you can ‘get and live healthy and fit’ without accountability then by all means go solo BUT if you realize you need someone to HELP you LEARN how to feed your body for optimum health and fitness and to MAKE YOU do 4 sets of walking lunges because YOU KNOW you would NOT do them on your own lol then make sure to call US: 407-435-5008

What we offer is an Intentional Eating and Exercise Program geared towards YOUR needs and YOUR strengths and weaknesses and starting you where you are right NOW. We will develop a eating and exercise program specifically FOR YOU to help YOU achieve YOUR health and fitness GOALS whatever they may be.

AND we come to you. YES no more going to an uncomfortable gym or having to travel to get to YOUR workout. We will train you in the comfort of YOUR HOME at a time and schedule that is convenient FOR YOU.  Or if you prefer in a nearby park, your front yard or even at your friends pool because she/he is getting healthy and fit with you. YES all training sessions can have up to 4 peoples in it and YES that means you can ALL share the cost.  ALL participants in our program will have their eating  monitored using our iwilldoit2 Food and Exercise Journal as well as your cardio exercising.

Our Packages:
30 min sessions $30

1 hour sessions $45
I do offer weekly and monthly package deals paid ahead of time for those of you who are serious and committed to train a few times a week to keep it consistent and be held accountable. I also offer couple/friend sessions, just email and ask. My packages are there to make sure that you reach your goals and stick with it. NO contracts, NO enrollment or hidden fees. Just straight up personal training.

We want YOU to be HAPPY with your progress and YOUR RESULTS and will do everything in our POWER and KNOWLEDGE to help you GET where YOU WANT TO BE!

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