Member's ONLY Next Level Club Sign Up Information

Member’s ONLY Next Level Club Sign Up Information


Thank you for your interest in joining the iwilldoit2 Member's ONLY Next Level Club.

Registration is OPEN to anyone interested in JOINING our Member's ONLY Next Level Club for our Lifestyle Change Program that includes our "Getting PAID to Lose Weight MONTHLY Challenge", 12 Weekly Action Steps and many, many other TOOLS to ensure YOU GET HEALTHY AND FIT and lose those unwanted pounds FOREVER.

Yes, it is time to make healthy changes that guarantee weight loss, have FUN and MAKE MONEY too.

I created this CLUB because I know there are so many folks who are just sick and tired of losing the same 10, 20, 100 pounds over and over again and still never quite GETTING THERE.

Isn’t it time YOU tried something NEW? Isn’t it time we address our LIFESTYLES (daily habits) and start to learn what is healthy eating and learning to weight train and cardio effectively and regularly to get healthy and fit now and into the future?

JOIN us today and get started NOW!

Here is what you receive by becoming a Member of iwilldoit2 Next Level Club:

  1. 12 Weekly Action Steps that HELP YOU start establishing HEALTHY, daily and DOABLE living habits.
  2. Our "Getting PAID to Lose Weight Monthly Challenge".
  3. Getting Started Shopping Lists
  4. Weekly Work-Out Plans for at home and at gym.
  5. My "Ten Ways to Lose Fat TIPS" PDF
  6. Community/Accountability Forum  through our Private Facebook Group Page.
  7. Access to me and my years of experience, since 1997, personally and with clients as a Healthy Living Coach and Certified Personal Trainer. Your very OWN Personal Trainer available to you via our group page, everyday. What an INCREDIBLE DEAL. Have you seen current PT Fees?

So let's get started TODAY to lose weight and get healthy NOW!

Get your membership:

Now offering two payment options!

Enjoy your exclusive membership for a low monthly payment of $14.95 OR a yearly fee of only $149.95!

Monthly Membership $14.95/mo
Yearly Membership $149.95