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Benefits of Weight Training

It has been my pleasure over the years to share with many, many different people on many, many different occasions and in many different ways the importance  and benefits of weight training in their lives. Their ages ranged from teen somethings to 70 somethings and all of them wanted to understand WHY they should weight […]

Cardio KINGS/QUEENS Versus Weight/Resistance Trainer’s

Ohhh the cardio kings/queens versus the weight/resistance trainer’s? I have to admit I picked this topic because of posts I see on facebook. Yep everyday I get on facebook and read other folk’s posts on what is happening with their lives and everyday I see folks write about their cardio exercise while simultaneously complaining about […]

How Can I Lose Belly Fat?

            Quite often in the past we would have someone show up at our personal training studio saying “I just need to lose this! How can I lose belly fat?” as they point to their big belly, or maybe their rear end or the jiggle under their arms. Then they […]

Why Weight Train?

  So often when starting clients on their road to ‘getting and living healthy and fit’, particularly the women, they would ask, “Why weight train?” and WHY Weight Training FOR LIFE, so in this blog I am going to share THE WHY of weight training and how it can and WILL transform your health and […]

Weight Training Shoulders

Hopefully you took the time to watch the video blog. Hope you enjoyed the beginning where I just start laughing about calling my delts shoulders. Yes they are shoulders but the technical term is deltoids and my hubs was making faces at me 🙂 Soooo anyway, if you got a chance to see my 9 […]