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What Is A CALORIE & Why Does It MATTER?

  Have you been asking yourself what is a calorie & why does it matter lately? Maybe if you have finally started to focus on your food and what it is and how much  you need and when and what kinds and so on …. sooooo The definition for CALORIES From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia […]

Lettuce Wrapped Turkey Tacos

Well if you have read any of my earlier blog entries on Recipe Friday than you know that I tend to like to tweak the recipes and add or subtract from them. In fact since getting into this cooking thing much, much more than I ever have in MY LIFE, it just seems to be […]

3 Days of Meal PLANS

Here is 3 Days of Meal PLANS So we have the plan and we are working our plan, we have the vision, we are thinking with a positive mindset that YES we can do this. Yes I am becoming a different person. I am becoming a person who cares about my health and fitness. I […]

How Can I Lose Belly Fat?

            Quite often in the past we would have someone show up at our personal training studio saying “I just need to lose this! How can I lose belly fat?” as they point to their big belly, or maybe their rear end or the jiggle under their arms. Then they […]

Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

Here is a picture of ALL the ingredients for today’s Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream. My Friend Trisha DeVelis on Facebook posted this to my page and asked what I thought. I have to admit after looking at the SHORT ingredients list and the fact the ingredients are pretty good for you […]

Healthy Snack Ideas

Some healthy snacks ideas that you can shop and prep that will make your eating healthy goal lots EASIER. Sometimes we get confused about what qualifies as a healthy snack and hopefully this blog will help  you get a better handle on that. A couple things you want to keep in mind when planning for […]

MY 5 TOP Tips to Getting Healthy & FIT!

Yes there really is just 5 top tips that, if you follow, will take you a LONG way to getting to that fitness and health level you are striving for in 2013. Make sure to incorporate a few of these and, if you do, I guarantee you will see lots of results in your health; […]

Recipe FRIDAY Review: Cabbage Roll Casserole

Yes this is a picture of me eating my Recipe FRIDAY recipe this AM. WHY you might ask? Well because this is a crock pot meal that is EASY, healthy and delish and required cooking times to be either an hour in a sauce pan or 3-5 hrs in a crock pot. For me it […]