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How To Do The Plank & The Push-Up

In the video below I give a demonstration of how to do the plank & the push-up. They are very similar exercises (with form) and they are body weight exercises that you can do right in your own home.   A few things to remember while doing The Plank: Pull your abs in and contract […]

Healthy Homemade Salad Dressings

Today it is all about healthy homemade salad dressings. Maybe in the process of cleaning up our eating we realize that just about ALL the salad dressings in the store have High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) which is not so good for our hormones and our health in general. Plus most also have sugar, again […]

Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises!

Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises! PROS of body weight exercises: no gym equipment needed can do anywhere: home or on the road whole body work-out, compound exercises Cons of body weight exercises: Not huge muscle gains Limited to working with your  body weight ONLY. Possible limitation of exercises due to your body weight. […]

5 Practical Steps to Getting HEALTHY & Fit

Happy NEW YEAR! Yep is is Jan 2, 2013 and if you are like many folks you may have decided that this year you are going to GET HEALTHY & FIT. Which is a great goal to have but as you begin to think about accomplishing this goal you start to wonder, NOW HOW am […]