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Our Reality and the Old “I CAN’T”

Our Reality and the Old “I CAN’T” Now listen, if after you have looked at my leading picture up there you start to get tight in the chest I will admit I also DISAGREE with some of the picture. Like, for example, I would say that you probably gained weight by also not moving too […]

Is Your Environment Making YOU FAT?

Is Your Environment Making YOU FAT? Hmmmm   I don’t know if you are ready for this but this topic is a BIGGIE! Yep a biggie as in YES your environment is really, really important to your success with ‘getting and living healthy and fit, inside and out.’ Study after study after study says MAKE […]

Is Eating Healthy Too EXPENSIVE?

Is eating healthy too expensive? I have to tell you when I was 30 years old eating once a day and smoking a pack a cigs a day I believed that eating healthy was too expensive. And when I say expensive here I mean right in the wallet at the cash register. I ate once […]

Cardio KINGS/QUEENS Versus Weight/Resistance Trainer’s

Ohhh the cardio kings/queens versus the weight/resistance trainer’s? I have to admit I picked this topic because of posts I see on facebook. Yep everyday I get on facebook and read other folk’s posts on what is happening with their lives and everyday I see folks write about their cardio exercise while simultaneously complaining about […]

What is Cellulite and Can We Get RID OF IT?

So the question is, “what is cellulite and can we get rid of it? Can ‘the cellulite’ be gotten rid of or not? Can you ever be free of the ‘cottage cheese’ thighs? ‘Pock marked’ butt? ‘Dimpled’ arms (yes nowadays even the arms are getting cellulite)? Some would have you believe that once you get […]

Fit YOU Versus Fat YOU Commentary

Fit YOU Versus Fat YOU Commentary is a look at the thoughts and THAT VOICE in our head that is constantly chattering away. What is your voice, THAT VOICE, saying to you today as you go through your day? Is it a positive and helpful voice to help you reach your goals? No matter whether […]

What Is A CALORIE & Why Does It MATTER?

  Have you been asking yourself what is a calorie & why does it matter lately? Maybe if you have finally started to focus on your food and what it is and how much  you need and when and what kinds and so on …. sooooo The definition for CALORIES From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia […]

Change Till YOU Find What Works

  My primary focus with this blog site is to HELP people BELIEVE they too can ACHIEVE their health and fitness goals and that they can achieve these goals without having to go to college and get a PhD in health and fitness. Or buy expensive programs, or buy series of expensive books, dvd’s, or […]

12 Things you GIVE UP When Getting Healthy & FIT

12 Things You GIVE UP When Getting Healthy & Fit Do you often think you have to GIVE UP stuff, fun or even some foods to stay ‘getting and living healthy and fit’? Like you can’t live a normal life but instead a boring, safe and STRICT life that has no FUN and no junk […]

Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Is there a difference between weight loss and fat loss? I know, I know and I know that everywhere you look and every program out there is constantly talking and referring to WEIGHT LOSS. In fact all participants, the peeps themselves, not just the salespeople in the programs also constantly refer to WEIGHT loss but, […]