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How To Do The Plank & The Push-Up

In the video below I give a demonstration of how to do the plank & the push-up. They are very similar exercises (with form) and they are body weight exercises that you can do right in your own home.   A few things to remember while doing The Plank: Pull your abs in and contract […]

Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises!

Body Weight vs. Free Weight Training Exercises! PROS of body weight exercises: no gym equipment needed can do anywhere: home or on the road whole body work-out, compound exercises Cons of body weight exercises: Not huge muscle gains Limited to working with your  body weight ONLY. Possible limitation of exercises due to your body weight. […]

Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

Here is a picture of ALL the ingredients for today’s Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream. My Friend Trisha DeVelis on Facebook posted this to my page and asked what I thought. I have to admit after looking at the SHORT ingredients list and the fact the ingredients are pretty good for you […]

Lynnette’s POST: Juicing! It’s Easy, Delish and HEALTHY!

My name is Lynnette.  I am a mother to two great kids, a wife and lover of all things healthy.  I believe balance is the key to a happy, healthy life!  Some of my favorite things in life are my family, books…I could read all day, yoga, and green drinks!!! I forgot to add coffee to that […]

5 Practical Steps to Getting HEALTHY & Fit

Happy NEW YEAR! Yep is is Jan 2, 2013 and if you are like many folks you may have decided that this year you are going to GET HEALTHY & FIT. Which is a great goal to have but as you begin to think about accomplishing this goal you start to wonder, NOW HOW am […]