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On the go Snack Ideas!

Looking for on the go snack ideas? Today was my son’s football Jamboree and that meant we were going to be at the football field for many hours. Plus, we had to drive and hour to get there and another hour back home. Hmmmm Needed to put together some on the go snack ideas. If […]

Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream

Here is a picture of ALL the ingredients for today’s Recipe FRIDAY Review: Raw Chocolate Walnut Ice Cream. My Friend Trisha DeVelis on Facebook posted this to my page and asked what I thought. I have to admit after looking at the SHORT ingredients list and the fact the ingredients are pretty good for you […]

Healthy Snack Ideas

Some healthy snacks ideas that you can shop and prep that will make your eating healthy goal lots EASIER. Sometimes we get confused about what qualifies as a healthy snack and hopefully this blog will helpĀ  you get a better handle on that. A couple things you want to keep in mind when planning for […]