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Lynn Lingenfelter

Lynn Lingenfelter Looking back in 1983 I was shot in a hunting accident, which changed the course of my life forever. Four years after two major surgeries I decided to get tested for HIV because of the 40 pints of blood I had been given after the hunting accident. I tested positive. I then developed […]

A Brief Look Back at My Story: “The Lynn Linenfelter Story”

A Brief Look Back at My Story: The Lynn Lingenfelter Story starts with this incredible victory. For almost 30 year now, yes 30 years I have been living with HIV/AIDS. For those that have not heard my story, when I was 16 my best friend shot me in a hunting accident and I received near […]

Finding the Strength To Live Life after PML and HIV/AIDS!

Finding the strength to live life after PML and HIV/AIDS. Yes in thinking back on one of my most difficult recent experience of “ PML” I can only say I just did not believe that God was done with me yet. I know that sounds so simple but to me it is a deep, deep faith […]