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What Is A CALORIE & Why Does It MATTER?

  Have you been asking yourself what is a calorie & why does it matter lately? Maybe if you have finally started to focus on your food and what it is and how much  you need and when and what kinds and so on …. sooooo The definition for CALORIES From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia […]

4 Tips to Fat Loss

  The first thing I want to point out is that fat loss is of much greater importance than weight loss. Keep in mind that losing muscle mass is not fun and if your goal is to just lose weight, you’ll most likely lose muscle mass as well. So let me get you in the […]

Difference Between Weight Loss and Fat Loss

Is there a difference between weight loss and fat loss? I know, I know and I know that everywhere you look and every program out there is constantly talking and referring to WEIGHT LOSS. In fact all participants, the peeps themselves, not just the salespeople in the programs also constantly refer to WEIGHT loss but, […]