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A Brief Look Back at My Story: “The Lynn Linenfelter Story”

A Brief Look Back at My Story: The Lynn Lingenfelter Story starts with this incredible victory. For almost 30 year now, yes 30 years I have been living with HIV/AIDS. For those that have not heard my story, when I was 16 my best friend shot me in a hunting accident and I received near […]

Finding the Strength To Live Life after PML and HIV/AIDS!

Finding the strength to live life after PML and HIV/AIDS. Yes in thinking back on one of my most difficult recent experience of “ PML” I can only say I just did not believe that God was done with me yet. I know that sounds so simple but to me it is a deep, deep faith […]

A Taste Of My 2013 COMEBACK!

My name is Lynn Lingenfelter and up to this time in my life, I’ve had more than my fair share of challenges. My challenges, like most folks challenges, comprised physical restrictions at times, overcoming situations both mentally and emotionally as well as plenty of spiritual growth occurring and all of it whether I wanted it […]