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BODY COMBAT W/ Carrie Dent

So this past week I had the pleasure of visiting another class of one of my favorite instructors. Carrie Dent is her name and on this occasion I visited Lifestyle Family Fitness and participated in Carrie’s BODY COMBAT class. Now Body Combat is another Les Mills class. All that means is it is a choreographed workout […]

RIPPED & Body Pump W/ Carrie @ Ymca

Hope you had a chance to watch my vlog above with THE Carrie Dent doing TWO group fitness classes this past Monday night at the YMCA. Carrie was awesome enough to allow me to participate in her classes, video some of them and also do a short interview with me after the classes. YAY! Carrie has been […]


WOW! Bootcamp W/ Rich The Champmaker Massa If you have never tried a Boot Camp before all I have to ask you is WHY NOT? If you are on the road to ‘getting and living healthy and fit’ then boot camps are a way to GET THERE. This morning I had the opportunity to experience […]

What is ZUMBA? Ck it out With Vanessa D.

So – ZUMBA is dancing with GREAT music. Yes I joined Vanessa D’s class at Sylvan Lake Park in Sanford, Fl this am to get the scoop on exactly WHAT is ZUMBA? Vanessa is an old friend who has been teaching Zumba for a few years now. She is a certified Zumba instructor who runs […]

Season’s 52 5.2K Run – FUN!!

Really enjoyed getting out there this morning and joining in with about 2000 other runners for the Winter Park Season’s 52 5.2K run or run/walk however you finished it. I remember when I first got into health and fitness I just really did NOT know these kinds of races even existed and that soooo many […]